The Whole New Laravel 6.0 has Been Released! Here’s Everything you Need to Know About it.

Laravel, as we know, is quite popular and for all the right reasons. It is a free, open-source PHP web framework for the development of web applications following the model view controller architecture pattern. Since its release, it has risen up and gained popularity globally.

It’s been 4.5 years since the last version of Laravel 5.0 was introduced and till then it has blossomed. After a lot of anticipation, the new Laravel 6.0 has been released by Taylor Otwell on 3rd September 2019.

The new version was in the talks for a long time and it has officially been released. In this blog, we will see what’s new in Laravel 6.0 version and what else is there to look forward in this new version.

Here’s all you need to know about the Latest Version of Laravel 6.0!

  • Lazy Collections

Laravel 6.0 comes with lazy collections that allow you to deal with low memory usage when dealing with heavy data. Lazy collections have been introduced to deal with large and heavy datasets along with keeping low memory usage.

With the lazy collection, the system does not need to read the entire file into memory at once but to keep a small part of the file in memory at a given time.

  • Semantic Versioning

The Laravel framework package now follows the semantic versioning standard. This makes the framework consistent with the first-party Laravel packages which have already followed this versioning standard.

  • Improved Custom Authorization Responses

If you are using Laravel out-of-the-box authentication with gates for authorization, Laravel 6.0 introduces a new method. This new method makes it easy to provide custom messages to users during authorization requests.

With the introduction of the gate:: inspect method, you can easily retrieve the full custom response to send back the user.

  • Ignition- The Default Error Page

Ignition is a default page error that is introduced in Laravel 6.0 that makes stack traces and debugging better. It displays details of the user, context, request, application and debugs.

  • Laravel UI

The front end scaffolding provided with Laravel 5.x release is now extracted into a separate Laravel UI package.  This allows the first-party UI scaffolding to be repeated separately from the primary framework.

  • Job Middleware

Facilitated by Taylor Otwell, Job Middleware is a feature that allows the jobs to run through a middleware. It helps in avoiding custom logic in the body of your job’s handle method.

  • Laravel Spark

Laravel spark 6.0 is the latest amazing version of Laravel. It has come with a set of attractive features such as seat pricing, location and bootstrapping and a new user interface.

Laravel 6.0 also includes some enhanced security features that will take Laravel development to the next level.

  • String & Array Helpers Moved to Package

The latest 6.0 version of Laravel has eliminated all str_helpers function by default. A new composer package has been introduced for array and string helper’s function.

Wrapping Up

In today’s world of constant change, there are very few frameworks that are stable. But Laravel doesn’t have anything to worry; it is here to stay and a grip on the web development industry.

There was great anticipation of the new release and as it was released, we can say that it has incredible features. Laravel has a great support community and we can say that the future of this framework is bright and that it continues to shine bright in the industry right now. Every new version brings with it new features and much more.

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The Whole New Laravel 6.0 has Been Released! Here’s Everything you Need to Know About it.

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