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A Close Look At Top Laravel Security Features & How To Improve Them Further!

Security of data has been a very keen concern for both the user who is using any web application as well as for the creator of the application. However, news regarding the theft of data still surfaced before us making us more cautious about our online presence. There are various reasons why the cybersecurity has not reached up to the level of optimum efficiency.

One reason is of course, is the speed at which technology is evolving giving little time to computer systems to adjust accordingly.

At the same time when it comes to application security, not every application is equipped with the best security features. This leads us to Laravel – a PHP development framework that is designed to secure the so-called mission-critical apps.

Why Choose Laravel For Securing Your Web Applications?

Laravel is the preferred choice of web developers due to various reasons. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Laravel’s Authentication Process

Laravel Authentication

Laravel has its own unique authentication process. It takes care of most of the user authentication process and the boilerplate code also comes ready to use with it.

The safety feature is further enhanced by “providers’ and ‘guards” facility to fully secure the authentication process.

  • Protects Against SQL Injection

SQL Injection

The Eloquent ORM in Laravel uses PDO binding to fight against SQL injections. It actually keeps a check on the misuse of SQL queries by malicious users by changing the intent’ of the queries.

  • Protection against XSS (Cross Site Scripting)

Cross Site Scripting

Laravel offers protection from XSS attacks, its native support system protects the code against Cross Site Scripting. It starts taking action automatically and not only protects the data but also the program that contains escape tags as outputted in HTML.

How To Enhance Laravel Security Features?

While Laravel does provide the necessary security system for web operations and applications, developers still have to do a few extra things to add that extra layer of security.

What are these extra things? Let’s see

Avoid Raw Queries

It is advisable to avoid using raw queries to prevent SQL injection. Using raw queries just increases the threat level in the form of SQL injection attacks.

Force HTTPS If Your Application Is Exchanging Sensitive Data

The details, passwords or any kind of information you pass on the web server is sent as plain text. Now, this data or information of yours can easily be intercepted by any hacker or malicious user as all the details are on HTTP platform.

Therefore, always use HTTPS to stay guarded against possible threats.

Use Double Brace Syntax to Prevent XSS Attacks

The use of double brace syntax in the blade template guarantees the safety of the data as displayed in the form of variable.

Use Laravel Security Headers

To add an extra layer of security to your applications, use Laravel security headers. These security headers will ensure full app security.


In the world of web applications, the name of Laravel is taken with atoning of assurance. Every day countless business applications are made with a need to secure the data stored in them.

The security features brought by Laravel Application Development has made it possible to give the user and client a sense of satisfaction regarding important web apps. However, to take advantage of this technology the need to take the services of Laravel Developers becomes mandatory.

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