Best Advertising Strategies for Online Shops

Finally, launched your online store?

Thinking of an overnight success?

If you think that you can launch your online store and get millions overnight; then think again. This can be a daunting challenge and will take more time than you expected.

The explosion of the growth of online stores has made it tougher for you to attract more visitors.

So, it becomes very crucial to promote your store to make progress faster when you’re just a beginner.

In this post, we’re going to tell you some of the best ways to help you grow your online shops and increase traffic to boost your sales.

  • Post Fresh Content Daily

Posting fresh content daily will help you to grow your online business and social communities.

Analysis has shown that different audiences react to different content or items posted, so try to post something new and different every time.

But, timing is an important factor.

You’ve to schedule your post, for that you can use Buffer.

It can be easily integrated with your browser and help you to schedule your post to social networks.

  • Social Media

It is one of the best and easy ways to promote your product on social sites such as Twitter or Facebook. Instagram and Pinterest also work best for you.

Use images, videos and some description of your post and make sure you pick the right product for that.

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Keep in mind that it will be interesting not only promotional. If they found it boring or only a way to sell your product they will mark you as Unfollowed.

A good way to engage with more people be to hold a contest or conversation with online users.

  • Use blogs, articles

Writing an article or blog or any other form of content is a powerful strategy to attract visitors to your website.

You need to take care that your article will relate to the product, but not for advertising or promote your product.

For example, you can use the topic “Which is the best outfit for the Diwali”.

In this, you can share your idea and at the end of the article or blog include an image or link to your product.

When people read it, they will be automatically started browsing your shop.

Also, you have to post an article with relevant topics regularly and you need to analyze which one generates more traffic to your site.

There is a number of tools available to help you to track your visitors, like Google Analytics.

  • Prefer Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most powerful way to enhance your relationship with your current and previous customers as well as visitors.

If they only visit your site and do not buy anything, then capture their email address and add it to your mailing list.

Once you’ve prepared your mailing list, it’s time to send an email regarding ads, coupons, special offers or anything you want to promote to your visitor.

You should do this once in a week, it will give you a time to execute your next plan.

There is a good deal of email marketing tools available in a market like Mailchimp, Cakemail.

These tools help you to send emails to your subscribers, manage them and track results.

  • Remarketing

Just like acquiring a new customer is important, it’s important to stay connected with customers who have visited your site previously. No matter whether they buy anything from you or only browse.

If you start with your old customers, undoubtedly the results will be better.

You can do it with the help of companies such as AdRoll or Retargeter or Google Adwords.

It enables you to build a targeted campaign of your product so that relevant ads appear to the web users on the web pages or websites.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

If you’ve enough funds to spend on paid advertising, then pay-per-click is a great option to generate more sales.

PPC is a way of marketing in which is someone clicks on your ad displayed on other’s websites, they redirected to your site and you get charged for that click.

You can choose your specific product and also a specific time to display that and you have to pay for it when your ad is clicked by person and land on your site.

You can use Facebook, Google Adwords for this purpose. No doubt it’s expensive but once it’s all set correctly, it will generate high ROI.

  • Get Customer Review & Reward Existing Customer

Buyer’s review of your product and services highly affects your sales. Positive product reviews is an essential strategy to attract more traffic.

It’ll give your visitors the confidence they need to buy anything from your site.

You don’t have to spend time reaching out to shoppers to get new reviews, this will become very easy with the social review app.

Yes, social review apps like Yotpo, Product Reviews enable you to add customer review feature to your site and help you to increase sales.

Final Outcome

Time taking and long read, but hopefully, the post is worthy of your valuable time.

These are just a few of the numerous ways to promote your online eCommerce Stores.

Start with any of them and boost your online sales. We’d love to know how some of these ways are helping you.

Post your success story in the comments section below.

Best Advertising Strategies for Online Shops

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