Shopify Ping Brings a Brand New Way to Work on the Go!

For an entrepreneur, no resource holds as much importance as time does. And amongst so many commitments to take care of, and taking different responsibilities, while running a business, there never seems quite enough time to go around.

This holds more so true if you’re the sole founder of a startup, or a part of a very small team, like so many Shopify merchants, are.

Taking today’s business needs into consideration, Shopify app development has come up with a mobile application, designed carefully to help you run your business while you’re on the go.

Through this app called Shopify Ping, things like marketing workflows, conversations with customers, and so much more, are being brought together in a single place.

Shopify wants its merchants to grow seamlessly, without having to spend too much time shuffling between various tools.

This crucial amount of time can be devoted to things that matter the most, such as taking care of customers, through which Shopify believes that a business can ensure its speedy growth.

You’ll never have to worry About Customer Relationships!

The Shopify Ping app has been designed to connect to the messaging apps that you already have a use for so that you can bring all the conversations right in one place.

Whether it’s Chatkit, Facebook Messenger, or – whichever message app you use, Ping will get information pulled from there.

This smart app will then make use of this information to create this one place in your Smartphone which will assist you in building better and more robust customer relationships, more easily.

Shopify Introduce Ping App for Customer Communications and Marketing

You will be able to bid goodbye to switch between various apps, just so you could speak with multiple customers.

The centralized access as well as the management of messaging apps, provided by Shopify Ping will have far and wide implications on the effective running of businesses, especially the new and small ones.

The app has been so designed, so it would certainly help you respond to customer queries better, further aiding you in building stronger customer relationships.

You Get a Built-in Business Assistant with This App

And just when you think you know everything this app can do, it surprises you yet again. Shopify also has a built-in virtual employee, by the name of Kit.

Businesses can now plan, create, and finally manage their marketing activities with the help of this amazing feature.

Whether it’s running ads on Instagram and Facebook, doing email marketing, indulging in retargeting campaigns, getting inventory sourcing done, or something else – Kit will be there to help you efficiently perform all these tasks.

This virtual employee-cum-business assistant can suggest as well as automate various functions, and therefore aid you in better managing your marketing-related activities.

It has been designed in a way that it can easily communicate with a lot of other applications, grow its skillset, and further execute more complex workflows.

So, if it is product photos that you think need a touch-up, or if there are new products that you need to add to your collection – Kit will get it all done for you, irrespective of where you are – at home, someplace abroad, or on the go.

Shopify Ping App: Just a Chat App, is it?

One can easily see how Shopify Ping is much more than a mere chat app. With a list of features and the upcoming integrations that keeps growing, this mobile app is definitely a way for entrepreneurs to grow their business from the convenience of this one single place.

If you’re looking to optimize the customer experience of your e-commerce venture, then get in touch with us. We’re the number one in eCommerce development, and of course, one of the best Shopify Experts India has seen; and we’re sure, working with you would be no less than a hoot!

So, let us know about your project, and we’d love to assist you with it.

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Shopify Ping Brings a Brand New Way to Work on the Go!

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