First Ever Shopify Meetup in Ahmedabad

E-commerce Industry has envolved a lot. What are you visualizing your eCommerce business future?

Let’s see what our prediction base on Digits is

The grand success of Shopify meetup Ahmedabad, as a part of co-host interested to share live visualization as it was full of inspiring for the Startup to Successful merchants in terms of what to do and what not to do.

You can consider the expert words that enhance the knowledge of the Shopify developers, Ahmedabad E-commerce community members.

Event Crowd

This event was co-hosted by two well-known Market learning Companies Metizsoft Solutions and Simprosys, as Shopify Partners & Shopify Experts.

With All Experts

  • Manthan Bhavsar – Director & Co-Founder of Metizsoft
  • Amit Jivani – CEO of Simprosys & Google Ads Expert
  • Raghav Somani – Founder & CEO at Headphone Zone
  • Jaydip Parikh – CEO of Tej SolPro & Digital Marketing Expert

The evening was all about helping E-commerce merchants to grow their business with Shopify Gold, Shopify SEO, and many more.

All Experts

Whether you came along and missed that one killer tip, or you didn’t succeed to come along, here’s all that happened at Shopify Meetup Ahmedabad…

Introduction & Information Collecting from Merchants: Anchor

We reflex off the evening with the short introduction of Experts and giving an overall brief introduction of the Meetup. As it was our first time hosting the meetup we took some information from the audience like

What they are expecting from our side?”
Their perspective of attempting the meetup?
Problem face in the present stage?

Deep Dive into Shopify Gold: Manthan Bhavsar @ Metizsoft Solutions

Addressing to the first expert of the event Mr. Manthan Bhavsar from Metizsoft Solutions, an in-depth Developer and Shopify Expert. He started his speech by giving details information on the Shopify Gold, and Shopify.

In his part, he covers the all main aspect of the meetup that was about the Shopify Gold for those merchants where Eager to know.

Manthan Shopify Experts

At the end of his speech, he concludes, how Shopify Gold Developers can enhance your Business through E-commerce stores.

In the Q & A session, some of the merchants were Eager to update their Business with Shopify Gold and that was the epic part of this session.

SEO of E-commerce Stores: Jaydip Parikh @ TejSolPro

The Second Expert was Digital Marketing Expert, Mr. Jaydip Parikh (BABA) from TejSolPro. He is a contributor to SEMRush and too many well-known big agencies. He provided detailed marketing strategies for E-commerce.

In his part of the speech, he covered the basic and advance approaches of Digital Marketing for E-commerce store owners.

SEO Baba

His expert speech also helped the SEO Executive in the audience and in that way he finishes his session and that wall about him.

The journey of Headphone Zone: Raghav Somani @ Headphone Zone

The third Expert was a successful entrepreneur of a well-known E-commerce Store, Mr. Raghav Somani from Headphone Zone. The main purpose of him was to encourage the E-commerce Merchants to start their business with Shopify.

He talks about the reason and why to go with Shopify Gold.

owner of headphonezone

He also talked about his journey with Shopify and also how to give some business advice for the new entrepreneur to start there who E-commerce.

Success through Google Shopping & Allied Activities: Amit P Jivani @ Simprosys

The Last expert was a Google Ads Expert, Amit P Jivani from Simprosys, been a Digital Marketing guy he had also contributed to many agencies regarding PPC.

He provided brief information on ads on how to manage them and how to boost sales with the right ads and structure.

Owner of Simprosys

His session was full of energy and so the audience was very eager to listen to him and get the information on Google Ads. He completed his word by giving a clear idea for this topic and that was all.

What after that?

Thanks to our all viewer-who made it to the Shopify Meetup Ahmedabad And thank all the Experts for delivering an expert speaker and fulfilling the merchant’s requirements.

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First Ever Shopify Meetup in Ahmedabad

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