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What Makes Gmail Bring AI and iOS App Development Together?

There was a new development recently proposed by Gmail; it was regarding a Gmail app that would work on devices which use iOS. This is one update shows us how they have been making use of AI in their mail application that the iOS devices have been using.

One can easily differentiate between the email notification that presents a higher priority and the ones with a low priority – because only the ones falling in the former category get notified at all.

There have been features introduced by Gmail in the past that were again AI-powered. Good examples would be Smart Reply and Nudging.

They went a long way in saving the precious user time, which is especially important if the users are business clients.

Gmail Smart Reply

Gmail is a channel of communication for these users, which not only gets information passed on securely but does it in a matter of seconds, thus boosting their overall productivity.

That is why, having a priority clearly set for notifications, and letting only the high priority ones show up is extremely beneficial. Such an AI-based feature is for every iPhone app development company to keep a sharp eye on.

An AI-based high-priority notification from Gmail: What is it really all about?

AI based Notifaction

A year back, one might remember, Gmail had this AI-based feature called Smart Reply introduced in the market. Because it powered primarily by artificial intelligence, it could very easily as well as speedily process the emails.

It would further have a quick and apt reply ready for the user, after a successful assessment of the received email.

This deep understanding of the language and context is what made people save a ton of time they’d have spent manually answering their emails.

Taking the same path, Gmail then brought this same powerful feature to its inbox notification.

There’s a notification for every email one receives in their inbox; while that seems like an amazing feature, the problem occurs when you have a business email account, and you’re receiving thousands of emails in a matter of hours, every day.

How many notifications will you be able to handle them? Would your notification window even be able to stand in the face of such a high intake of mail notifications?

Instead of making it efficient for a user, it will only create a nuisance, hindering any chance of getting proper work done, let alone increase the overall productivity in any way.

This is, therefore, an AI-based feature which is sure to be a huge help when a person is super busy and doesn’t want the notifications to interfere.

That is reasoning enough for an iOS app development team of Gmail to incorporate this feature in its pilot form.

Gmail keeps on adding AI-enabled features: Why?

Because Gmail understands the significance of such features in making life better for all the users who religiously stand by this brand, It’s a wake-up call for the mobile app developers all around, for they need to make huge improvements to their system.

AI is naturally going to be the next big thing in the world of app development technology, and Gmail is already more than ready for it.

The top iPhone app development brands have started incorporating AI in their apps, and are constantly trying to be on par with all the developments in the field of Machine Learning and AI.

What makes these tech giants stand apart, is the fact that they understand how the future of mobile apps looks a lot smarter and better with the right use of artificial intelligence in creating them?

Already many AI-based apps are doing rounds: Did you notice?

Not that Gmail is the first to bring AI to our notice; there have been many previous instances of companies using artificial intelligence to make their apps smarter.

AI based UBER app

The biggest examples include Uber, a cab booking app, which makes use of AI to let us know of the shortest routes and other alternate routes from a point A to B while taking even the live traffic input, or any current roadblocks into consideration.

Then Amazon, the widely loved online shopping app, gives you numerous suggestions regarding the products you could buy, based on your previous searches. If that is not AI-enabled, that what is it!

AI based Amazon App

But if there is one of these products that had to come out as the winner, it would be the most recent Alexa, powered by Amazon.

This AI-based personal assistant might just negate the whole idea of having a real person as an assistant if it keeps on being as efficient as it is now.

Accomplishing any task, right from playing your favorite song, to offering you assistance in getting a task done – Alexa does it all, without breaking a sweat!

On similar lines, we also have Google Home that takes care of your schedules, news, reminders, and what not.

Not just that, but with the entertainment factor being essential to the app, people have even found it to be an entertaining and dependable friend!

The way AI has been able to give us voice recognition, machine learning, and such other features, it feels it’s moving closer and closer to natural human intelligence!

What are the industries that have found a better scope with AI-based apps?

The types of industries that have found, or may be able to find their niche with the help of AI are just about all of them. There could rarely be a horizon not having had AI touched it at all.

Whether it is education, health, real estate, e-commerce, entertainment, or any other industry – the overall user experience is being marked by a great high.

AI, with its innate ability to automate the process, as well as give it immense value, has been successfully gaining ground in the app and the Smartphone industry.

By cutting short the user effort, reducing the time they have to invest, and increasing value at the same time, AI is making the experience of a user all the better, with each use.

What Makes Gmail Bring AI and iOS App Development Together?

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