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Why You Should Choose Magento 2.2?

Now, Magento 2.2 is here. The name of Magento, an E-commerce platform is quite popular among online merchants and the larger community of bloggers and developers.

It is one of the best E-Commerce platforms to locate your business website.

No wonder it is the first choice for many startups to big business houses to leverage their business potential.

Now, with the coming up of the latest version of Magento that is Magento 2, the new features would give more freedom to online merchants to enhance their site’s look and to better manage the business operations.

That is why it was and it is the most popular eCommerce software for building a business website.

Now let us figure out why Magento 2.2 is the most preferred choice for business owners to launch their websites.

  • It Is Open Source and Offers Full Control

The best thing about Magento is that it is open source and it allows the business owners to have full control over their site’s look, content, and management.

At the same time, Magento’s free community version is the preferred choice for individuals who are with a limited budget and yet want their site to look good.

  • Magento Is SEO Friendly

It is no secret that being SEO friendly attracts more visitors to your site and thus can be a major reason for driving potential customers to your website.

As Magento is open-source, you have the liberty to add various third-party SEO solutions to attract customers.

  • High Scalability

Magento is trusted by both small start-ups to big business houses due to its amazing ability to accommodate the needs of any business type and size.

If you are an owner of 1 store, 2 stores, or 50 stores, Magento has space and design to add any number of products and stores to the site.

  • It Offers You Multiple Language Support

Magento’s multiple language support options cater to the very need of companies that operate globally or beyond the home market.

Thus the language support feature helps in widening the reach of your business.

Similarly, Magento has a currency feature to ensure hassle-free transactions over different geographical locations.

  • Magento Is 100% Secure

Magento is not only high on performance but also score points over other eCommerce platforms when it comes to delivering safe and secure services to its clients.

The safety of data is an important issue for online merchants as all the financial details of customers are stored on the site’s platform and thus must be protected at any cost.

  • It is Mobile Friendly

There are so many people who prefer buying items on mobile phones over any other medium. Magento knowing this very fact is perfect when it comes to giving rich and personalized site viewing experience to its mobile users.

  • User-Friendly Admin Panel of New Magento Version

The new version of Magento has come up with its admin panel that is very user-friendly and has been relocated vertically on the left-hand side. It also displays sub-navigation upon click.

As a business owner, you will find this new version more intuitive.

It gives you more autonomy in managing your business operations. You can also customize the panel to suit your requirements.

Besides the improved navigation system, Magento’s new admin panel also includes Ajax Loading, Adding Video for Product, Expanding Filters, and Configurable Attribute.

So when are you upgrading your older Magento version to the new Magento 2 version?

  • Fine Catalog Management System

Magento gives you the option to add multiple stores and to manage them from the same admin panel. This saves time and ensures a hassle-free experience for the admin user.

  • Offers a Large Number of Extensions

Magento offers a large number of extensions to improve the overall experience of the customers.

It gives the liberty to admin users to customize their store as per their wish with the help of plugins or modules. ‘Shopping Cart, ‘one page check out’ are a few examples of Magento extensions.

  • Community Support

Magento support system includes the wider community of developers, business owners, customers, and of course you and me.

The continuous interaction between the developers and users makes it an open and receptive platform for new ideas and technological upgradation.

This brainstorming process delivers at the end high-quality service to the users of the E-Commerce platform.

At Last…

Despite facing stiff competition from other eCommerce platforms such as Big Commerce and Shopify, Magento continues to carve a special niche among the online business community.

This is due to the quality and enhanced services to its users and continued support in the form of regular technical updates.

However, to push your online business to new heights you must Hire Magento Developers to get ahead of your competitors.

Why You Should Choose Magento 2.2?

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