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How Can A Mobile App Help You Increase Your Shopify Sales?

Shopify has quickly become one of the most popular and leading eCommerce platform today and for all the right reasons. Shopify powers around 1 million eCommerce businesses across the globe. It has become a go-to platform for many business owners who look to open their eCommerce store.  Shopify controls over 31% of the total eCommerce market share in the United States.

When you plan to take your business online, having an eCommerce website is a good start, but it’s not enough. To maximize the potential of your eCommerce business and to reach more people, you need to have a mobile app.

You might wonder why is having a mobile app essential; we will tell you why.

With the advancement in technology, mobile phones have become a basic necessity for everyone. Mobile users have increased tremendously in the past few years, and so have the demand for mobile apps.

These days, most business owners invest in the mobile app instead of the website to fulfill their long-term goals.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of a mobile app for an eCommerce business and how it can help increase Shopify sales.

Why should you have a mobile app for your eCommerce business?

Research suggests that shoppers and buyers prefer brands that offer a more personalized shopping experience. A mobile app provides a better shopping experience than a website.

By providing a smooth shopping experience, a mobile app is easier to use and convert the customers. Customers can use and shop through a mobile app anywhere, anytime, and therefore, mobile apps are more convenient for most of users.

There are many other advantages of having a mobile app for eCommerce business over a website. There are several myths related to having a mobile app for an eCommerce business, but you should make sure to verify those from trusted sources before believing them.

Why does your Shopify store need a mobile app?

Now, let’s throw light upon the significant reasons for having a mobile app for Shopify store and how it helps the eCommerce business in thriving and running smoothly.

  • Websites don’t work alone

If you wish to run an online eCommerce business in the long run, only having a website won’t work well for you. Around than 70% of people are using their mobile phones today to shop online and find mobile apps convenient than eCommerce websites.

Viewing websites and comparing products on the website is a painful task as compared to mobile apps. Mobile apps are easier to use and offer a personalized shopping experience.

You might think investing in a mobile app will cost you much, but you will know it’s worth it. If you are planning to grow your brand quickly, investing in a mobile app will take you a long way.

  • Increased sales and conversions

When you invest in a mobile app, you can increase Shopify sales quickly. A Shopify app is excellent for increasing the sales of your Shopify store. There are various ways a mobile app can boost your Shopify sales.

A fast and seamless checkout process makes it easier for your customers to buy with the least amount of time. In mobile apps, customers don’t hesitate to make the purchase, and the chances of shopping cart abandonment reduce.

You can reduce cart abandonment by sending push notifications reminding your customers about their cart and encourage them to complete the purchase.

  • Enhances customer retention

A Shopify mobile app helps in improving the overall shopping experience, which is a primary key to the growth of your eCommerce store. A Shopify app is like a boon for enhancing your customer base.

Your mobile app always remains in front of your customers on their mobile screens, and they can use it whenever they want.

You can increase customer retention by sending them push notifications to remind them to complete their purchase. This also makes your customers feel valued.

The right strategies will take you a long way, and now more than ever, mobile apps are enhancing eCommerce businesses and are the best way to get sales on Shopify.

  • Smartest marketing tool

Mobile apps are considered to be the smartest marketing tool for boosting eCommerce sales. Your Shopify app is the extension of your store and is a reflection of your brand. It plays a massive role in building the brand in the industry.

Through your eCommerce app, you can communicate with your customers directly and offer them instant help and support.

A mobile app is an excellent platform for marketing your new products and offer discounts to customers. Market all your products and let your customers your latest products.

Marketing your products at your mobile app opens new opportunities for you as your mobile app becomes the virtual representation of your Shopify store and keeps the customers updated about your products.

  • Mobile apps boost your brand image

Branding is a great technique to promote the right aspects of the company and its products and reach the right audience. When your products reach your targeted audience, they will like to know more about what you have to offer.

This will increase your reach and drive more traffic. When you invest in mobile app, you are also investing in enhanced customer satisfaction, which ultimately increases sales.

  • Flexible payment options

This is probably the best thing about having a mobile app for Shopify. A mobile app supports multiple payment options which are safe and secure. With a mobile app, you can give your customers more choices when it comes to making payments.

Offering multiple payment options improves the conversion rates at the checkout. Creating a mobile app for the Shopify store makes it much easier to add different payment options and provides flexibility to the customers in making payments online.

These were some of the primary reasons why having a Shopify app will benefit you in the long term. Clearly, customers prefer mobile apps over websites. By not having a mobile app, you are at risk of losing a lot to your rivals.

Having a mobile app is the need of the hour, and you must invest in a Shopify app to establish your brand in the industry.

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How Can A Mobile App Help You Increase Your Shopify Sales?

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