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Codeigniter – Extremely Light Weight Framework

Codeigniter is a popular open source PHP framework & is widely adopted by businesses all over. The speed and flexibility that this framework offers, comes as a great help to any web developer as well as their client. As a Codeigniter Development Company, we think this is an excellent choice to create extremely effective web applications, software, as well as complex websites with MVC (Model-View-Controller) development pattern. And at Metizsoft, we are determined to provide you with the best Codeigniter PHP development solution.

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Codeigniter PHP development Process

Let’s Take a Look at
Our Key Codeigniter Development Services


Third Party API Integration

You need to Hire Codeigniter developers – and that too a good one likes Metizsoft Solutions – because we excel at API development as well. With a Codeigniter framework, you would need third party API integration for credit checking facilities, checking other functionalities related to analysis, So on. With the API integration, you can rest assured that your business will definitely stand out from the rest.

Custom CMS Development

If you’re looking for a CMS option to explore in Open Source, there are many to choose from, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others. Combine that with a robustly secured framework, and you know you’re working with an excellent Codeigniter PHP development system. This PHP framework helps you to avail your required CMS Development solution.

Back-End for Mobile Apps

While the front-end of an app is what brings the customers in the first place; it’s the back-end that helps maintain them. Our Codeigniter Development Company crafts applications that have a reliable, secure, and an easy-to-manage MVC structure, which goes a long way in making the application back-end more efficient.

Web Application Development

We house a team of highly trained & exceptionally talented PHP Codeigniter developers who create unique and custom-made web applications for their clients’ businesses.

Module Development & Upgradation

Regular updating are the keys to bringing the latest developments in any technology to your customers. And that is exactly what you can expect off of our module development or Upgradation services for your already existing custom Codeigniter development solutions.

Support & Maintenance

Not just building you the main PHP framework, but as a Codeigniter Development Company, we also take responsibility for the timely maintenance of the system. Our 24/7 support available through call and email is to ensure your business keeps growing without any hassle.

Hire CodeIgniter Developers


Since 2012, Metizsoft Solutions is a leading name in Codeigniter PHP Development. We specialize in providing high quality Codeigniter web development Services. We offer to build you dynamic and innovative websites using this extremely lightweight framework. Our team of Experienced Codeigniter developers is dedicated to delivering complex and complicated projects, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Codeigniter Projects

Why Choose Metizsoft as a CodeIgniter Development Company?

Open Source

Being an open source platform, PHP Codeigniter allows freely modifying a work, and easily integrating the work into a larger project, amongst other things. An open source platform comes extremely handy when you have an online business.

Faster & Lighter Framework

It is the easy configuration & flexibility of operation that it offers, that makes Codeigniter PHP framework worth it. Providing a developer with the tiny set of code libraries, this platform makes coding conventions all the simpler, faster, and more flexible.

MVC Based System

MVC plays a major role in providing Codeigniter PHP development with the power to manage web application development in a much faster way while avoiding all complexities. The Codeigniter framework keeps things clean by having a separate code & ignores models altogether.

Compatibility with all PHP Versions

The Codeigniter framework ensures that no conflicts arise with respect to compatibility with any PHP version. With this PHP Codeigniter platform, there’s no need to get into hundred of files and change all the old functions, whenever a new version is up in the market.

SEO Friendly URLs

No kind of content is worth anything if it’s not optimized for search engines. So, SEO friendly URLs are a necessity. Codeigniter ensures that you generate SEO friendly URLs so as to get definitive SERP results.

Clear Documentation

Thorough documentation comes off as a very important tool to keep the PHP development process devoid of any unnecessary complexities. Codeigniter development provides a detailed and thorough documentation which goes a long way in making the framework a success.

Nearly Zero Configuration

The configuration seems almost nil, because of the ease of it all! For instance, you can easily include models in the models’ folder. Or, like there are other configuration options via scripts in “config” folder which you can easily use. Most of the configuration being done by conventions alone, the task becomes really simple.

ISO Certified Company

A platform is of no use if not for its features & functionalities. And you can only be sure to avail all these benefits if the product comes with a guarantee. Metizsoft Solutions is one such ISO Certified Codeigniter Development Company that helps you use this open source platform to its full extent.

Specialized in CI Development

Metizsoft is a dedicated Codeigniter Development services provider company. We empower you with great Custom PHP development solutions to help you maintain an excellent online presence. Our expert Codeigniter developers are here to help you reach your dream by serving your business a user-friendly and SEO-friendly PHP-based business website.

What Our Clients Say

“I worked with Metizsoft two times (until now). The first time I heard of them was when I was working on the application. I was just an assistant for the Program Director who was the director of the whole project.”

Ms. Fatme C. – USA

“I am Adam a French entrepreneur with business in Paris and Las Vegas. What made Metizsoft stand apart from a few other Indian vendors was their professionalism, detailed quote and relevant pricing.”

Mr. Adam K. – France

“Metiz Team was able to solve any problem I needed them to. I chose to have them build my site in WordPress, and they delivered what was in our original discussion. I was impressed with their professionalism.”

Mr. Fawad R. – Saudi Arabia