Why CodeIgniter Is Most Preferred Framework For Web Development

PHP is known as the ideal language to provide different frameworks for developing the most innovative applications and websites. And each of these PHP frameworks is designed to provide special features such as quick development, eCommerce-friendly environment, feature-rich applications, etc.

Many of these web development frameworks are open source that allows developers for free web development. But, the Codeigniter is best of all.


Well, CodeIgniter has all components which are a cost-effective, fast, and hassle-free framework. And in this article, we’ll share each and every feature of this framework that prove why it is the most preferred framework.

In addition to this, CodeIgniter comes with added benefits to make web development easy to use and light.

This has made the Codeigniter web development services as a perfect service in the world of web development. So businesses that are looking for a huge change, or create something from scratch, CodeIgniter is perfect for that job.

What Makes Codeigniter Most Preferred Framework?

For starters, the CodeIgniter frames consist of many outstanding capabilities to provide magnificent performance in a short time. And when it’s compared with other web development frameworks, CodeIgniter provides a lot of ground-breaking possibilities.

Take a look at them below.

  • Setting up the Codeigniter framework is not tedious and difficult.
  • As the CodeIgniter consists of outstanding utilities, the developers won’t have to spend time on developing through the command line to add those utilities.
  • It offers ease of web and software development than the rest of the frameworks.

The CodeIgniter is based on MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture. The Model and Controller connect the front-end and the back-end. The MVC in CodeIgniter helps to separate the view partly from the back end of an application that is getting developed.

This separation makes the web application code more readable as well as easy to understand. And ultimately, it benefits the developer to control operations at both, front-end and back-end.

Codeigniter provides great flexibility to create classes for file uploading, FTP, email, zip coding, etc. all of these allows the naming of database tables easily.

All in all, the CodeIgniter framework helps undoubtedly to develop flexible, robust, and secure web applications. And any or every web application developed using CodeIgniter is considered to be highly secure, cost-effective, and reliable.

Also, the popular templating engines like Smarty and Twig allows implementing additional functionalities to a web application. Furthermore, this framework is equipped with inbuilt libraries and feature-rich resources to encompass many codes that are prewritten. This enables quick, reliable, secure, and cost-effective web development.

As the CodeIgniter comes with various features and functionalities, it is helpful for users as well as developers. This results in making the CodeIgniter framework as the most preferred web development framework among all to develop PHP based web applications.

Most of the PHP-based web applications lack the cache feature in them, but the CodeIgniter comes with the cache library to develop web applications that run faster than the other PHP frameworks.

And lastly, the CodeIgniter has a very active and effective community, just as WordPress. Also, it has a wiki page where there are a lot of free libraries and plugins available to download for free by the CI community.

This will save quite a lot of time for developers to integrate more features into their web applications.


With all these features, CodeIgniter today has earned the prime choice for most web development companies.

Why CodeIgniter Is Most Preferred Framework For Web Development

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