Why should you choose AngularJS for Application Development in 2020?

It is not a hidden fact that companies these days have become more digital to facilitate growth. When we talk of digitalization, we cannot forget Angular JS. AngularJS has made its mark in the world of web development in a shorter period. It is a robust javascript framework created by Google in 2009. The primary purpose of creating this framework was to make front-end development simpler for the developers.

This framework is used by some of the popular companies such as PayPal, Netflix and many other reputed brands. AngularJS App Development in 2020 is also ranked as the second most used technology after NodeJS.

This is a fantastic front end web development framework that has robust features that help the developers to create easy to maintain code.

AngularJS web applications are so successful that about 8,400 websites support this framework. The growing popularity of Angular JS offers terrific development opportunities to the AngularJS development companies around the globe.

In this blog, we will talk about why you should choose AngularJS App Development over other front-end development technologies for your next project.

So, let’s dive in to know what makes AngularJS amazing and why should you choose it for web app development in 2020.

  • Easy to use

Angular is an easy framework, and it requires minimal coding. A Javascript development company which offers Angular JS development service develops the web application faster than other companies.

Less coding also saves the time needed for development, and the developers can develop the app without any barrier.

  • It supports the MVC structure

Angular JS supports MVC structure for building web applications, unlike other frameworks. With MVC, it becomes easier to develop web apps which saves time and efforts of the developers.

The framework helps the developers to curate architecture applications, and this is one of the reasons behind the increasing demand for Angular JS by the web developers and designers around the world.

Angular JS framework has amazing features, and efficient front end development and this framework keep growing.

  • Dual data binding

We can say that this is one of the most amazing features of AngularJS framework. Dual data-binding means that any changes that take place in the application have a direct impact on the user interface.

This same thing applies to the other side as well. With this framework, user action and module changes take place together.

  • It has a user interface with HTML

Angular JS uses HTML to build the user interface. HTML is a declarative language which is simple to understand than other languages and uses shorter tags.

Angular JS uses HTML for its user interface, which leads to a more organized and straightforward UI.

  • Simple testing

Testing is an essential part of any web application. If you hire Angular JS developers and build a web app, there will be some errors and bugs to correct before launching the app.

Testing is a straightforward process which makes sure your site is ready to start and is free of viruses.

  • New module creation

This is another amazing feature offered by Angular JS. Developers create some modules for a single application, as modules are independent of each other, there can be a possibility of combining them to run the application.

Angular developer gives a chance to create a new module so that it can be combined with already created modules.

  • Excellent community support

AngularJS has good and strong community support. As it is developed by the tech giant Google, its community is massive. This community supports contribute to improving the framework consistently.

The developers of the community are highly qualified and skilled to solve a range of issues related to the front end development.

The community is supportive and beneficial in finding solutions to minor and significant problems in the development process.

These are some of the fantastic features and benefits of Angular JS one of the most amazing and highly demanded framework among the developers and business owners alike. AngularJS app development in 2020 is an excellent choice if you want to grow your business and reach new heights in the competitive world.

It also has an array of features which makes it the most popular front-end technologies. Look no further, if you want to build a fantastic web app, AngularJS app development in 2020 is the right choice for you.

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