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Why React Native is an Ideal Choice For Mobile App Development in 2020?

We all have heard of React Native, right? React Native is an open-source mobile application framework created by Facebook. With the help of React Native, you can create a mobile app and run it on Android, iOS, and windows, etc. React Native uses the Javascript code library to develop apps.

There is no other framework out that can save you as much time and gives provides such performance.

There are several reasons to develop React Native apps in 2020. Many popular apps like Skype, Instagram, Walmart, Tesla, Airbnb, Ubereats, and many other popular apps have to React to native frameworks.

This makes React Native a popular and highly preferable platform for building highly functional apps. In this blog, we are going to discuss why you should create apps on the React Native platform in 2020.

Here are some of the reasons why React native is an ideal choice for app development in 2020

  • Faster development with lesser costs

With the react-native framework, you can use the same code across various mobile platforms. React Native app code for iOS can also be used to develop an Android app with a few changes.

React native allows the use of a single code; the time required for the development of the app is minimized.

The time required for a React Native app development is about 33% lesser than the time required to develop Android and iOS apps. With the reduction in time, the cost of development also decreases.

  • Reusable codes

React native framework enables the use of the same code for both Android and iOS app development. This means you can just have to write the code and use it on both platforms. This also reduces the time required for mobile app development.

When you choose to React Native, you don’t need to depend on different languages like Java, C++, Swift, etc.

React Native also has a vast developers’ community which can help the new developers in fixing any issue that they come across quickly.

  • Amazing UI and UX

React Native apps maximize user experience. React native apps load faster and are easy to navigate. Mobile app development on React Native is highly functional.

UI of React native apps consist of widgets that perform effortlessly. Even the most complex apps run smoothly with React Native.

Thus, React native is the best option to create highly functional apps with excellent UI and UX that stand-out in the market.

  • Live update feature

Another benefit of React Native Development is its live update feature. As react native uses Javascript, developers can push live updates directly to the user’s phone without any need to go to the app store update process.

This is a unique feature that allows the developers to use the code and change the code in real-time and make corrections in the app.

With this, users can get the updated version of the app instantly.

  • Quick updates and Easy maintenance

Another feature that makes React Native such a great platform is because it has a streamlined process for updating apps. In React Native, the apps can be updated on each platform.

The updates are implemented in the app through over the air updates. The React Native developers don’t need to update apps through the app store or play store. They don’t even need permission from Apple or Google.

  • Bridges the gap between native and hybrid

React Native framework works as a bridge between a hybrid vs native feel. It offers multiple components. React native app developers can implement these features in the cross-platform app to give it a native feel.

The native UI of the hybrid app is flawless that the users will not be able to tell whether the app is native or hybrid. The native features in a hybrid app is a robust combination as it improves the overall performance of the app.

  • Less memory consumption

React Native offers compatibility with 3rd party plug-ins, and therefore you do not have to rely on WebView to add functionalities like Google Maps to your app.

You can link plug-in with react native with a native module and use device functions like zoom, rotate, etc. This is possible because of the lower memory usage and faster loading of the app.

These were some of the reasons that make react native an ideal choice for Mobile app development in 2020. React native is a promising business solution in 2020.

This is the reason that many big businesses are trusting and investing in React Native apps.

React Native has many major selling points such as cross-platform compatibility, enhanced user experience, cost-effectiveness, and timely completion of the project. The popularity of React Native apps is going to rise in the times to come.

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Why React Native is an Ideal Choice For Mobile App Development in 2020?

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