What’s Next for Magento 1 Users After June 2020 Deadline?

What’s The Whole ‘Fuss’ about?

Magento has formally announced the end date for its Magento 1 platform which is June 2020. As this news broke out, many existing Magento 1 users were wondering about its impact on their E-Commerce store.

However, the online shopping platform has already made it clear through its blog that merchants will be supported in this transition phase and it will stand on their customer side if they move to Magento 2 or any other e-commerce platform such as Shopify.

This whole development has left the Magento 1 users with two options. The first option they have is to upgrade their online store to Magento 2 version. The second option they can consider is to move to Shopify, another E-Commerce platform.

How ‘Shopify’ Has Come Into This Whole Picture?

You all are well aware that Shopify and Magento are two very strong and popular E-Commerce platforms. Both have their own USP- Unique Selling Proposition.

If Shopify is liked by non-technical business guys so as Magento which is very popular among ‘sophisticated’ online merchants who knew a bit about coding.

Shopify has come into this picture because it can be a viable option for Magento 1 users who wants to move to another E-Commerce platform instead of continuing with Magento through Magento 2.

Why Choose Shopify When You have Magento 2?

As a matter of fact, you can upgrade your Magento 1 store with the help of Magento Developers. If not, you can consider moving to Shopify. The benefits associated with the Shopify platform are as follows:

  • Simple platform- No need to learn to code
  • Functionality-wise- Easy to use
  • Comes with exciting themes and apps
  • 24/7 support
  • SEO friendly
  • Cost friendly platform as compared to Magento

Besides the above benefits, every Shopify plan provides you Free SSL Certificate to let your customers know that your website is safe to use.

Similarly, it also provides you with unlimited storage facility and unlimited bandwidth. The Fraud Analysis facility by Shopify will keep your site safe from hackers and theft.

Need More Help?

It’s time to make a decision. If you want to shift your business from Magento to Shopify, please contact us and tell us your business requirements.

We are official Shopify Partner and have helped hundreds of client in setting and maintaining their Shopify store online.

If you have any other confusion or need the services of Magento Developers, feel free to contact us at www.metizsoft.com

What’s Next for Magento 1 Users After June 2020 Deadline?

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