What is the Shopify Rest API?

Do you know Shopify the leading online eCommerce Store Development platform is now running more than 150k stores online?

Well, hold your jaws now as these stores run with no less than $7 billion worth of sales. Yes, now you can definitely say it seems to be a customer bank for B2B vendors that help you to build an online store with great ease.

Shopify has thousands of applications integrated into it. These applications and services require data from the stores in case they are connected to the platform they are based on. This deed is done by Shopify Developer API. In other words, Shopify rest API is a useful way of building a connection between you/your client and the data required. It standouts as useful and usable software and thus will be always in demand.

But What is Shopify API For Developers?

In technical words, Shopify’s API is REST-based that uses JSON & XML, and processes with various kinds of HTTP requests like getting, PUT, DELETE, and POST.  You can know about these technical words in this link. Another important thing to consider is the methods supported by Shopify API.

Yes, do you know there are 35 methods that help to process Shopify API. They are Category, Customer, create Orders, product variant, variant inventory, etc (you will be able to find all of them in the API Reference section at the left bottom of the documentation). Each and every method has its own purpose used for specific properties.

The key to using the Shopify Rest API is its authentication. Once you have received the API access token, you can easily send the requests to REST API. They are equipped with such header, X-Shopify-Access-Token: {access_token}, however, the question is where you add the token you have or from where you get it?

Being a Shopify developer, it’s essential to get the credentials that would enable you to access specific data to start working on the project you tend to work for your client. So in order to get the storefront API key, you need to create a private app in the admin section of the Shopify store.

Still, Confused?

Don’t despair; our following step-by-step instructions will help you to create one.
  1. In case you are not working on a client project, then you need to register a shop on Shopify.
  2. Now move your mouse to the admin page and click Apps >> Private Apps >> Create a Private App.
  3. Here you go, there’s the API key.
  4. Now click the TOOL button.
  5. Authentication

Now to run a request, all you need to copy the example URL from the admin page and insert that into the address bar of your browser. The last step is to click enter and enjoy the order list requested by you.


Shopify Admin API enables you to get all the required data and perform various processes with item id, product id, order, categories, and more.

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What is the Shopify Rest API?

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