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Celebrating Successful Completion of 16,000+ UpWork Hours

“Everyone talks about building a relationship with customers, stalkers, stakeholders, and more. At Metizsoft, we think we should build a relationship with our employees first.”- Manthan Bhavsar, Business Director, Metizsoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Not stretching the tale, we would like to disclose and share few most beautiful moments we had this year i.e., on successful completion of 16,000+ up work hours and ensuring the title of “TOP RATED AGENCY” on our up work profile.

As we said, we like to build relations with our employees first, for they are the core reason for our successful journey. They are the reason why we have an extremely considerable client retention rate.

They are the reason why we are the top-rated web development agency at work. And they are the reason why we wake up excited every morning and rush to our organization enthusiastically.

Carrying this, we decided to throw a party for our employees to honor their dedication towards work and our company.

We celebrated the success with great enthusiasm at Meritorious Restaurant where all the employees had some delicious food along with a pinch of fun and amusement.


We wish to move forward in our journey and grow with our employees. We are more a team than a company. And this is what differs us!

Celebrating Successful Completion of 16,000+ UpWork Hours

Manthan Bhavsar

Manthan Bhavsar is the one of the most brilliant go-to people, when someone thinks to Hire Shopify Certified Experts! A techie by profession and a technologically driven person by passion, Manthan Bhavsar aren’t shy to blog and share the knowledge he has with the world. If you want to follow Manthan, you can do so on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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