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While wandering on Quora we found this question as well its answer really helpful for AngularJS users. Thought to share it with everyone on our blog. All the credit goes to the one who actually answered it.

So here’s what AngularJS 2 can do and what’s new in AngularJS 2:

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AngularJS 2.0 is the latest development framework by Google for developing desktop, web and mobile applications. I can give you a list of things of what Angular 2 can provide you that the previous 1.x version can give.

  • Components

    Basically, a Component is a type of a Directive that is both a Controller and a View. In just a single file, you can manage your UI and control the flow and data of your component.

  • Cleaner Code

    With Angular 2 + TypeScript, you can write much shorter and cleaner code.

    The Decorators (which is also known as Annotations) is reminiscent of Java annotations that perfectly abstract the nitty-gritty kinds of stuff.

  • Stability

    I know that this is debatable but Angular 2 is backed by none other than Google, so you won’t have to worry that this framework can go anytime soon.

    And unlike React library that rapidly changes implementation, AngularJS 2 is more robust IMHO.

Wrapping Up:

Those were the three main features of AngularJS 2 and seems a pretty clear answer to differentiate between Angular and Angular 2.

A lot of people have been asking us the difference between the older Angular 1x versions and the new Angular 2.

Hope the above answer clears your query.

Original Links and Answer Source: Quora

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