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The Mesmerizing Experience Of Job Fair At Tops Technology

Do you know Job Fests are not only exciting for job seekers but they give excitement to employers/companies as well? The recent experience at Tops Technology Job Fair was completely mesmerizing.

Can say, even today in the era of social media and the internet it is completely worth to invest your time in a job fest.


So to aid the recruitment process we reached Aangan Banquets, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad at 8.30 A.M.

Yes, it was not a regular morning; the sunshine on 18th Feb served us with a completely different experience.

We were welcomed by the CEO with a speech and later every company had given their initial introduction.

Metizsoft Solutions introduced their experience of growing & shinning in this short span of time, the friendly company culture and what opportunity they gain if they are part of the company.

To aid the networking, we have a professional meaning to our stalls by adding different banners which were followed by breakfast. Moreover, the job fest gave us an opportunity to meet hundreds of potential employees face to face without having to book for any appointments.

Isn’t that the easiest possible way of making connections and branding a company in a short period of time? Not only for a company, but this job fest gave the job seekers an opportunity to initiate a conversation with an employer, hand over the resume and end up making a great impression.

Isn’t job fair an ingenious way to meet the requirements of both employers and job seekers?




The opportunity to hire a skilled employee for our business goals was conducted till 6.00 P.M. and now the final round will be held at company premises.

The experience of interviewing such a large pool of talent at one place in this short period of time was wonderful. We look forward to such experience again in 2018!

Happy Recruiting!

The Mesmerizing Experience Of Job Fair At Tops Technology

Manthan Bhavsar

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