Shopify Plus vs. BigCommerce Enterprise in 2021- What is the Difference Between Both These Platforms?

In today’s time, with the advancement of technology, there are multiple eCommerce platforms available for developers and business owners to build their apps. There are plenty of online tools to develop fantastic and high-quality websites and applications with high-end features and functionality.

When we talk about the top platforms for developing high-quality apps and stores, we can’t miss talking about the industry’s two biggies: Shopify Plus and BigCommerce enterprise.

This article is focused on Shopify Plus vs. BigCommerce enterprise, which is both known for their top-notch performance and ability to build successful online stores.

We will first focus on talking about these two platforms in brief. So, let us begin!

Shopify Plus –the basics

Shopify Plus is a leading solution from Shopify. It is meant for big companies and businesses. With Shopify Plus, you can enjoy page speed up to 3 times faster than the BigCommerce, sell across multiple channels, including eBay and Instagram.

Shopify Plus supports around 5,300 apps and helps you adjust the functionality of your company. Shopify Plus also provides 24/7 support for customers, a set of helpful eCommerce tools, custom checkout discounts, and much more.

BigCommerce enterprise- the basics

BigCommerce platform isn’t a new platform as it has been prominent in the industry for several years. The enterprise version of the BigCommerce platform is designed for higher volume and more complex retailers with more features and functionality.

The features that the enterprise version provides aren’t available to the users of the lower-tier versions. BigCommerce is considered a good platform for B2B space and wholesale companies.

As we know these two platforms, in brief, we will move forward with the Shopify Plus vs. BigCommerce enterprise comparison.

Let us begin with the Shopify Plus Pros and Cons.

Pros of Shopify Plus-

  • Great flexibility helps in the expansion of your store
  • Affordable pricing
  • 24*7 excellent customer support
  • Smooth and fast performance
  • Tons of in-built tools
  • Easy to use interface
  • Excellent security and reliability
  • Easily manageable store

Cons of Shopify Plus-

  • Customization issues
  • Difficult to adjust API performance
  • Content management limitations as compared to other platforms
  • It is self-hosted, so you can’t quickly move stores
  • Payment gateway not available in every country

Let’s talk about the Bigcommerce enterprise pros and cons

Pros of BigCommerce enterprise-

  • A complete all-in-one solution
  • Easier for the beginners
  • Great design with great customization
  • Plenty of sales channels
  • Support and guidance from the BigCommerce team
  • It is secure and reliable

Cons of BigCommerce enterprise-

  • A little complicated pricing structure
  • Some themes are expensive
  • Theme editor can be chunky
  • Difficult to expand with the help of third-party apps

Now, let’s begin the comparison between Shopify Plus vs. BigCommerce enterprise.


When choosing the perfect eCommerce platform, pricing is one of the most important factors to look for. Both Shopify Plus and BigCommerce enterprise offer a pricing plan that can scale according to the audience’s needs.

BigCommerce enterprise- There is no set dollar amount for a BigCommerce enterprise. The company encourages the users to discuss their needs with their professionals. You must know that it doesn’t cost anything to migrate to BigCommerce, and there are no additional transaction fees either.

Shopify Plus- Shopify Plus is a little descriptive about its pricing structure, and it generally starts from $2000 per month. This is just the base cost, and you will need to reach to the team to discuss your project idea, and then the team will give you a pricing estimate.

Result- Among these two platforms, Shopify Plus will have extra costs such as transaction fees which can increase the overall pricing of the project development.

Ease of use

While developing a website, many people look at the ease of the use of the platform. Platforms that are easier to use are preferred more as they don’t have a higher learning curve.

Shopify Plus- Shopify is a little easier to use than BigCommerce because the solution is as user-friendly as possible. Setting up a website is relatively easier with Shopify. You can use the SDK to add your own features easily. With Shopify, you will feel comfortable even when you have not built a website before.

BigCommerce enterprise- BigCommerce is a little more advanced than other platforms. There are several features in BigCommerce, so you don’t need to add extra features of your own. You can create single-page checkouts, product reviews, custom URL structures, and much more accessible.

Result- both Shopify Plus and BigCommerce enterprise are easy to use, and both the platforms offer unique eCommerce features for robust website development.


When you choose a best platform to build your website or store, you must look at whether the platform provides customization. Customization enables you to have the store as per your business requirements.

Shopify Plus- Building a custom website with Shopify requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Shopify’s coding language. Shopify has an enormous library of themes to choose from, which removes the need for any manual page development. You must choose a Shopify Plus development company that is good at offering customized website development services.

BigCommerce enterprise- BigCommerce offers an advanced customization framework to create intuitive and engaging stores and websites. BigCommerce allows people with technical skills to customize their sites with HTML, CSS, and code libraries.

Result- Both of these platforms offer customization and develop the websites as per the clients’ requirements.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The right SEO tactics are very important for a business to rank on top of the search engines. Every platform must offer SEO to attract more customers and leads.

Shopify Plus–  Shopify Plus has basic SEO options. It allows you to edit meta tags and optimize your inventory and product page. With Shopify Plus, you can make any configuration at the server level. Although Shopify offers basic SEO options, it is not very flexible regarding SEO.

BigCommerce enterprise- SEO functionality of BigCommerce enterprise is quite good. This platform allows many opportunities for SEO to optimize your eCommerce store. It also enables you to control the URLs as you can change the URL structure for different pages. You can hire BigCommerce developers who are highly skilled in offering the right SEO services.

Result- When it comes to SEO, BigCommerce enterprise has a slight edge over Shopify Plus. However, Shopify offers quite good basic features as well.


A platform that offers effective support is the preferable one.

Shopify Plus- With Shopify plus, the dedicated Shopify Experts team will provide 24 * 7 support via emails, calls, and live chat. You can also ask them for help when you come across any error and require assistance.

BigCommerce enterprise-  BigCommerce enterprise also offers 24*7 support and provides support regarding account management, technical account management, and project management.  You can contact the BigCommerce enterprise support, and they are always there to assist you.

Result- There is no clear winner here. Both Shopify Plus and BigCommerce enterprise are good at providing effective support to their customers.

Which eCommerce platform is right for your next project?

Here comes the difficult question. We can’t answer it correctly because every business and its needs are unique. Shopify Plus might be the right platform for someone but not for you. It all depends on what type of business you have and what its needs are. For assistance, you can get in touch with an eCommerce development company and discuss your needs to make a decision.

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Shopify Plus vs. BigCommerce Enterprise in 2021- What is the Difference Between Both These Platforms?

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