Evolution of On-Demand Apps – Types, Procedures, and Features to Consider!

Isn’t it convenient enough that you get all your work done within the comfort of your home, offices with just a few taps on your devices? Well, that’s how far technologies have driven over the years. The rise of on-demand apps is touching new pinnacles daily, fulfilling our basic needs without hassle.

Start-ups and industries are coming with innovations to fulfill the supply demand of users through on-demand apps.

In 2014, experts predicted that on-demand apps would boost the world’s economy like no other. Now, we are seeing the results. On-demand apps have gripped almost every service relevant to our daily use.

Referring to Statista.com stats, U.S. consumers spend $57.6 billion in the on-demand economy to cater to 22.4 million users annually.

But, what is an on-demand app? How does it work? Types of the on-demand app. The reason behind on-demand apps’ popularity! Key points to consider developing on-demand apps.

Must-have Features in an on-demand app. The right platform to deploy. Take professional help. We will help you figure out all these queries in this blog. So, consider reading it till the end!

What is an On-Demand App?

The evolution of AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), Data science have pushed the on-demand app to the next level.

The on-demand app works as a mediator between a service provider and a consumer. With the on-demand app installed on your device, you can place your order and enjoy the benefit of its service within your comfort zone.

On-demands apps are faster, reliable, and more scalable in function and performance.

Types of On-Demand Apps & How does it Work?

With the advancements in programming languages and technology, developers have made the on-demand app more user-centric.

Users find it seamless from the navigation set-ups to order placements to payment gateways every time they use these apps.

Uber Eats, Zomato, Swiggy, Uber, Ola, Oyo, Airbnb, Big Basket, are some of the best on-demand app examples to consider.

Millions of users globally get benefitted from the service of the above apps. Whether to book a cab (Uber, Ola), order food (Uber Eats, Swiggy, Zomato), book a hotel (Airbnb, Oyo), or order groceries (Big basket), on-demands indeed making life easy with its demand and supply service.

Cab Service

While booking a cab from Uber, the user needs to:

  1. Place a cab book request
  2. Upon placing, he/she will get connected with a service provider.
  3. The provider will get accept request notification.
  4. Upon confirmation, payment authorization
  5. The provider will deliver the service to the consumer.
  6. Delivery confirmation by the consumer
  7. Payment deduction

Food Delivery Apps

While ordering food from Uber Eats

  1. Select your food item and place your order
  2. Connects with a service provider
  3. Order request confirmation
  4. The chef is preparing your food
  5. Food is on its way
  6. Delivery confirmation
  7. Payment (COD/online payment)

Hotel Booking

For booking a room, the step is as follows

  1. Filter dates, location, no of rooms
  2. Go to hotel listings and check availability.
  3. Upon confirmation, click on book hotel.
  4. Review policy and terms, message the before hitting the submit button
  5. Payment gateways


For ordering groceries

  1. Select grocery items
  2. Add it to your Cart/Wishlist
  3. Address details
  4. Payment confirmation
  5. Place your order
  6. Get your delivery

Video Streaming

Netflix and Amazon Prime are prime examples of on-demand apps in video streaming. Tons of videos, including movies and web series in multiple languages, are available to binge-watch.

For this, you only have to register with all details, choose a monthly/yearly plan, payment confirmation, and you are good to go.

These are some primary methods on how an on-demand app works. Likewise, users are using many alternatives, and they come with different features and order placing forms.

Both ways, the user gets the same benefits, and the service providers get reasonable ROI.

Reason Behind On-Demand Apps Popularity

One of the prime regimes behind on-demand apps’ popularity is its ease and comprehensive nature of service to their users.

  • On-demand apps’ come with an offer over listed products every other day compared to traditional stores’ prices. Anyhow, you will pay lower than the original price.
  • On-demand apps offer multiple options to choose from: you don’t have to go here and there looking for a product, as you can filter those products in the app and find the best one.
  • Various payments methods are enabled. (Cash on demand, UPI payments, debit /credit card options)
  • Order from anywhere at any time as you carry your smartphones and tablets anywhere you go.
  • Alternative apps are available within many categories, allowing you to compare products and services and make the perfect choice based on your requirements

On-demand apps have productively shaped effective business models, leading businesses owners to change their perception from traditional to comprehensive methods in a far more profitable, scalable, and resourceful manner.

Key Points to Consider Developing On-Demand Apps

So far, you must have gained a reasonable amount of information on the types and work functionalists of on-demand apps. Many companies like Metizsoft Solutions have successfully delivered futuristic and robust on-demand apps running successfully on the user’s device.

On-Demand Apps Developed by Metizsoft Solution

Many on-demand apps developed by Metizsoft Solutions are ruling their respective field without hassle. Let’s dive into some on-demand apps developed by Metizsoft Solution:

Grocery/Sabji Delivery App

Digitalization has changed the way people buy groceries or sabjis. Now, they are more into adapting the virtual method than the traditional offline method to ease the sabji shopping. To help them out, we have developed this sabji delivery App using React Native to buy fruits and vegetables without visiting the market. A few taps on the App and the required fruits or vegetables will be at their doorstep.

Laundry App

Moving to a new city is always a hustle. You don’t know the area and nearby store and find it challenging to deal with every day obstacles for the early few months. But, yeah, with technology besides, things are much easier these days. With sheer compliance, Metizsoft solution has developed this Laundry App to help you find the nearby registered laundry shops.

Also, this App is a golden platform for local laundry shop owners to get registered themselves and grab as many customers as possible.

Water Supply Management

It is cool to build an App where you can easily manage your water supply timings and payment method. This was a client-driven idea that we had to nurture with all our capabilities, and we are proud enough to deliver the best possible result within the deadline. Instead of an irritating offline procedure involving pen paper and physical frustration, you can now manage your water supply with this App anywhere and at any time.


Now, finding the best accommodation has become easy with this Ezcheckinn App. You will be able to book hotels, motels, hostels, lodges, ad guesthouses at your convenience. No hidden charge, no extra cost! Download this App to get the best accommodation service of all time.

So, these are a few examples of our excellence in developing high-quality demand Apps. If you are seeking more information regarding our work, Visit Our Work Portfolio

If you are planning to build an on-demand app relevant to your business model, consider paying close attention to the below highlights.

Depth in Research

Research is essential before any assignment. If one goes through thorough research regarding target audience, demand, and supply, 50% of the work is done. With depth research, you will get a clear idea about the features you want to add to the app.

Learn About Your Target Audience

This is the base of your on-demand app. You are building your on-demand app, keeping in mind your target audience’s requirements. The more information you gather, the better you will deliver the result.

Keep It Simple Yet Unique

On-demands apps are built with simple features and functionalists. Keep it original and relevant to your business model.

Add Right Features

Choosing the right set of features is as essential as all of the above points. You can’t just randomly add components of your likes. Unnecessary features might lead to un-installation. So, seeking professional help might be the best option here.

Must-Have Features in an On-Demand App

  • Push Notification

Push notification helps users find their Wishlist’s availability and exclusive offers and new arrivals.

  • Real-Time Order Tracking

You will help users track their products and services’ real-time location with real-time tracking.

  • Mark as Favorites

Users will be able to mark a product as favorites, saving searching time.

  • Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are the most important as it helps users classify in choosing the suitable methods (COD, Credit/debit card, UPI) for smooth and seamless deliveries.

  • Reviews & Ratings

It will help you know your user’s behaviors and preferences. What kind of product they are more interested in, and what quality of products are your vendors providing.

  • Helpdesk Support

Assisting your users with their queries will only improve your brand value. The more conveniently you pay attention to this, the better your app performance will improve.

Choose the Relevant Platform to Launch Tour On-Demand App

Here, you will come across three options, IOS, Android, and cross-platform. It purely depends upon your target audience base, budget, and business model to where you would like to launch your on-demand app.

Hire The Right On-Demand Development Team

When you have a clear vision about the above, approach the best On-Demand App Development Team. There are a lot of factors that on-demand apps are built on, and taking professional help could be the best option in building a robust on-demand app. Let the developer team design, test, and deploy it on the Play store.

Get in touch with us for the best on-demand app development solutions.

Evolution of On-Demand Apps – Types, Procedures, and Features to Consider!

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