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BigCommerce Pricing 2021: How Much Are You Going to Pay With BigCommerce?

BigCommerce has established itself in the industry as a platform that serves businesses to make their online presence with ease. BigCommerce provides several plans, extensive tools, and product options for transforming your business into something special.

Before building a website or app, the first concern for the businesses is the cost of development. Every business has a different budget, and analyzing the cost is an essential step before hiring the developers and starting with the development.

If you choose BigCommerce to develop your site, you might wonder how much does BigCommerce cost and if it’s more expensive than other platforms or not. It’s normal to think of such questions because the development cost is the key aspect to consider.

If you, too, are lost in doubts and questions about BigCommerce pricing, this blog might help clear some of your doubts about BigCommerce prices, from the monthly plans to the themes and integrations. Read on this blog to learn more.

Now, we will dive deep into the pricing plans of BigCommerce and will dig deeper into its true costs. We will take you through various pricing plans and the extra fees that you might have to pay.

How Many Pricing Plans Does BigCommerce Have?

Basically, BigCommerce has three plans with different price ranges. The pricing of the plans ranges from $29.95/month to $299.95/month. The BigCommerce store price starts at $29.95 for the standard plan.

The plus plan is available for $79.95 per month. The pro-BigCommerce pricing plan is for 249.95 per month. These three plans serve different purposes and are required by different clients as per their budgets.

BigCommerce provides a 15-day trial so that you can select the best plan for your business during the trial.

This blog will take you through the three pricing of BigCommerce but before that, let’s see what you will get with the BigCommerce pricing.

What Do You Get With BigCommerce Pricing?

No matter which pricing model you choose, with BigCommerce pricing, you will have access to the following

  • Single-Page Checkout

You should ensure that the checkout is quick and seamless with an easy checkout tool to accept easy debit and credit card payments.

  • Unlimited Products

Irrespective of your BigCommerce pricing plan, you will be able to host products with all the file storage and bandwidth you need. All the BigCommerce pricing packages offer this feature, even the standard one.

  • Responsive Website

BigCommerce gives you a responsive website that works well on all screen sizes and devices. You get a responsive website with all the BigCommerce pricing options.

  • No Transaction Fees

Your monthly fees from BigCommerce don’t include any transaction fees. It doesn’t matter which BigCommerce plan you are using, and there are no transaction fees. However, you may have to pay something for the payment gateway you are using.

  • 24/7 Priority Support

BigCommerce pricing plans come up with excellent customer support, which means you can reach out to the support team and get answers to the queries or questions.

Now when we know what BigCommerce prices are for, we will move forward with the pricing plans and BigCommerce plan comparison so that you can choose the right plan for your store as per your budget and requirement.

BigCommerce Pricing Plan

Let us Take You Through The Description Of All These BigCommerce Pricing Plans

  • BigCommerce Standard Plan

This plan is suitable for new online stores and small businesses that earn yearly revenue up to $50,000. The standard plan costs $29.95 per month.

This plan provides you with a website to sell products and write blogs. This plan also gives you the ability to add unlimited goods and staff accounts. This BigCommerce plan is preferred for beginners and startups, but it is not that basic.

BigCommerce standard plan gives you enough functionality to run a store with unique and extensive features and excellent overall performance.

However, this pricing plan lacks some features such as abandoned shopping cart recovery, customer group, segment, etc. thus, the BigCommerce standard plan is excellent if you have a small business or a startup.

  • BigCommerce Plus Plan

You should upgrade to BigCommerce plus plan once your yearly revenue exceeds $50k because many new features and functionalities come with a plus plan. With the BigCommerce plus plan, you can grow your business with a unique set of features.

The BigCommerce plus plan is for $79.95 per month, and it is the most popular BigCommerce pricing plan among the three.

This pricing plan is ideal for growing businesses as it provides powerful features not included in the standard plan. These features are-

  • Customer group and segmentation
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Stored credit cards

Thus, this is the preferred BigCommerce pricing for apps that look forward to growing in the industry with a comprehensive set of features.

  • BigCommerce Pro Plan

When your store grows in size and sales, you may face many complicated tasks. Your website needs extensive and powerful features to handle the complexities and meet the customers’ requirements.

With the BigCommerce Pro plan, the pricing-related tasks will be handled well and with ease. The BigCommerce pro plan serves you the best with a comprehensive system of features. You need to pay $299.95 per month to avail this pricing plan.

This BigCommerce plan takes everything from the standard and plus plans and piles on more features for your website. With this pricing plan, you can-

  • Google customer reviews
  • Filter the products
  • Custom SSL

These useful features of the BigCommerce pro plan help to run the BigCommerce Payment Gateway smoothly and enhance the customer experience.

  • BigCommerce Enterprise Plan

This BigCommerce plan is a custom pricing plan which provides dedicated VIP services for big eCommerce businesses. BigCommerce enterprise plan is a full-service open platform that enables you to enhance your business and take it to the next level.

This plan includes all the combined features of the plans mentioned above. It also offers custom setup and data migrations for better growth.

Thus, the enterprise BigCommerce pricing plan is suitable for high-volume businesses, often ranging between $10,000 to $15,000 per month.

We are done with the BigCommerce pricing plans, but it’s not over yet. We will further discuss BigCommerce pricing for other factors such as domains, themes, apps, integrations, etc.

BigCommerce Pricing For Domain Names

Choosing a domain name is the first thing you should research for developing your website. A good domain name will help the customers to remember your website and improve your SEO as well.

You can purchase a domain from BigCommerce or transfer the existing domain from another service. The domains cost around $12.27 per year.

Many other domains selling sites such as GoDaddy offer better prices, so you can also check them out.

Hosting is also provided with BigCommerce plans which include security for both the owners and customers. The pricing for hosting varies from $80 to $ 100 per year.

BigCommerce Pricing For Apps

BigCommerce is known for its rich app store and awesome templates. BigCommerce provides various apps in different categories such as analytics and reporting, marketing, payment, security, etc.

BigCommerce has an app store of its own, and so it offers both free and paid apps.

Many BigCommerce apps are free, whereas some paid apps will cost you around $20 to $29 per app. With BigCommerce, you will also have a 15-day free trial for some apps before deciding whether or not you want to buy the app.

BigCommerce Pricing For Themes

BigCommerce has a small range of free themes to choose from, and you can even pick a premium theme as per your unique requirements. Premium themes in BigCommerce range from $135 to $300 each.

This is a one-time payment, and you can use the premium theme for as long as you like. Choosing a premium BigCommerce theme over a free theme has many benefits, and they come with many in-built features as well.

Premium themes give your website a unique and customized look and make your store powerful from day one.

Thus, this was the complete BigCommerce pricing that you will come across when developing a BigCommerce website or store for your next project. We hope this BigCommerce plan comparison will help you decide and choose the right pricing plan for your project.

Final Words

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BigCommerce Pricing 2021: How Much Are You Going to Pay With BigCommerce?

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