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Building your First Progressive Web App with React

“It has become appallingly obvious that technology has changed the world.”

Two-thirds of the world’s population is connected to mobile phones. It is a provable fact that Modern Technology is continually accelerating and is in the process of creating ever-more powerful technologies in upcoming years. Modern Technology has increasingly paved the way for multi-functional devices and smartphones. Intuitively, React Progressive Web App has become more potent in the implication of technology’s acceleration.

From social media to smartphones, technology has advanced in many ways. Many people are online today; subsequently, Google and Microsoft have paved the way for progressive web applications or PWAs- Progressive Web App with react. Technology has changed in the primary sector; therefore, PWA has become a must-have technology for large companies and small startups.

PWA is a software web application that captures the advantages of native and web apps using a standard web-technology HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Moreover, PWA supports functions that are not accessible from regular sites and captures the advantages of native and web apps. These web applications are supposed to be faster than native apps and can perform almost all the functions without permanent installations.

PWA and React-

Reason to choose PWA for developing rapidly and has become a must-have technology for small startups and large companies. PWA seems to have a very bright future and is continuing to gain traction. Several leading brands like Starbucks, Twitter, and Pinterest are using react progressive web app builders to increase users’ higher engagement levels and enhance their online image.

Moreover, at their core, progressive web apps deliver a native and rich-app-like and seamless experience to users providing excellent alternatives to mobile applications. Progressive Web App with react has many potentials but cannot store in Smart TV or Apple TV; however, we can install PWA in Andriod, iOS, and iPads.

The term Progressive web app was coined in 2015 and has naturally become the best for web and native environments.

Why Build your First Progressive Web App with React?

The competition is rising, yet React is the sixth frequently starred open-source repository on Github. React Progressive Web App optimizes web applications providing app-like navigation and excellent visual content. Moreover, there are a couple of reasons why building a PWA with react is worth your attention.


The world’s largest search engine, Google strongly patronizes and promotes PWA development and believes it can be called the future of software. Moreover, according to a recent study, there are 36% higher average conversion rates for progressive web app builders. Companies with PWA have 50% increases in customer engagement.

The popular Web technologies for PWAs are- Web Manifests, Service Agents, Application Shell, and HTTPS. React native is extremely important to develop cost-efficient mobile apps that run smoothly on both Android and iOS.

Most renowned leading players in countries like Tesla, Airbnb, Instagram, and Skype are using react-native. Many React Native App Development Companies; however, Metizsoft Solutions in India has been around for more than a decade.

Steps to Build Your First Progressive Web App with React- a perfect Guide

We are aware that PWA is a website designed to make a resemblance of application/icon. It is no secret that reacts has played a massive role in many software development projects. Beyond that, Progressive Web App with react has shown a lot of promise in becoming one of the most trending technologies in the software industry.

Setup a Simple React app.

React technology by far is the most popular JavaScript framework and most intuitive programming paradigm for front-end applications when it comes to front-end. To build a PWA with react, make sure you have the recent version of the node on your computer and a familiar code editor. For Building progressive web apps with react, you need to use create-react-app and basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

To Build React App TypeScript, enter the npx command given below.

npx create-react-app PWA-react-typescript –template typescript This package will create a React web app built for you with TypeScript, which can test locally as- cd PWA-react-typescript.

An alternative method for building progressive web apps with react- create-react-app react-PWA

Register a Service Worker

CRACreate React App is a toolchain for answering questions for building PWA with react and bootstrapping React applications. You are required to configure the auto-generated service worker file.

In this file- src/Index.js replace service worker with service work register.

Update Web App Manifest

The CRA boilerplate provides a manifest file that links to the public/index.html file. Note that the use of %PUBLIC_URL% in the tags above.

Moreover, having a manifest.json is required by Chrome to add your PWA.

<link rel=”manifest” href=”%PUBLIC_URL%/manifest.json” />

Explaining the components of the file

  • Its command builds the web store in the build folder.
  • The jss and CSS files support static folders.
  • Index.html is the main page that reserve in the static/CSS folder.
  • All the files store in service-worker.js
  • Service-worker files are held by the precache-man- aifest*.js file
  • Install HTTP-server and add start in the script section of package.json

Testing the PWA

After designing React PWA, test a progressive web app, don’t enable the PWA features to run the designed app into developer mode, ensuring hassle-free development. Create a production build with-npm build.


Change into the built directory- cd develop and test the application by logging into- http.//localhost.8080


Now that you have successfully built your application, test the app on your desktop/laptop for the first time.

Ending Note-

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Building your First Progressive Web App with React

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