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Why Hosted eCommerce Platforms Are Best Solutions?

Why Are Hosted eCommerce Platforms Getting More Famous Nowadays?

With so many choices to run a store over the web, it is amazing that most of the eCommerce merchants are opting out of hosted eCommerce platforms instead of creating a web store of their own.

You may have heard the names like Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce, 3DCart etc.

All these are popular eCommerce platforms and have attracted millions of people so far across the globe.

It would be definitely interesting to explore why these hosted eCommerce platforms are gaining so much popularity nowadays.

  • Ready Made Attractive Templates

The eCommerce platforms come with ready-made eye-catching templates so you can easily go for third-party extension or successful templates integration to get the desired template that exactly suit your business objectives.

In fact, there is no dearth of the eCommerce development company that offer services like template customization, template integration at very affordable pricing.

Most of the small businessmen, however, have a tendency to use a template from the available ones offered by their chosen eCommerce platform at no extra cost.

As it is very important to have an eye-catching store, one can find easily navigable and responsive Volusion template design, Shopify template design, BigCommerce template design that can leave visitors mesmerized.

  • Theme customization and API

All must be well aware of theme customization and API is nothing but application program interface.

The theme of an e-store can be customized easily by hiring a developer that caters to services regarding that particular eCommerce platform.

As far as API integration with third-party applications is concerned, this naturally gives a major boost to any online business.

These third-party applications can be anything starting from alternative payment processing to email marketing solution.

  • Online store in a few minutes

Yes, generous can be the most appropriate term that can be associated with these eCommerce platforms.

For example, BigCommerce allows you to have a fully functional online store ready to churn money for you within a matter of few minutes without any need of buying hosting, any need to install anything or to set up any server.

You need to just choose a template and shipping or billing options and add your products.

They take care of virtually everything to prosper your online business.

  • Drop-shipping & POS

Drop-shipping is truly an amazing feature as it allows an online merchant to sell or process the order of a product that he or she is directly shipped to the customer from a third party.

Most of the eCommerce platforms like Volusion, Shopify, etc. possess these features.

Shopify also offers POS feature that allows you to run your entire store from a single unified platform in a hassle-free manner.

The POS feature also gives you an opportunity to integrate your e-store with your brick and mortar shop at no labor cost!

  • More Economical

It is very economical to get an e-store of your own on a hosted eCommerce platform as the monthly bill for each of the platform is quite low in comparison to build a store from scratch by hiring experienced developers.

For example, the most popular monthly billed rate of a Volusion store is 75 dollar only and likewise, that of a BigCommerce store’s monthly cost is 79.95 dollar only.

If you want to pay a little bit lesser, then there is 3D-Cart too with a monthly package of 65.99 dollars.

Clearly, now it could be understood easily that these hosted eCommerce platforms are the first choice for small and medium businesses.

Moreover, the best part is that they offer 24×7 support to get a solution to all your problems if encountered any pertaining to your online business.

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