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5 Tips to Prepare your Hero Home Page for the Upcoming Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

As we know that Black Friday & Cyber Monday are around the corner, it is time to prepare your Shopify store for these days. It is known that Black Friday & Cyber Monday are great opportunities for your eCommerce business to make money and earn great profits.

Every year, shoppers spend billions throughout the two-day event at the businesses of all sizes. This is going to be the year’s biggest shopping weekend, so it’s time for you to gear up and start preparing for this event with all your efforts.

Now is the right time to start planning to achieve whatever you are looking forward to in these two days.

So, Let’s go through this checklist that will help you to prepare for a breakthrough Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Let’s begin!

1 – Create banners and hero images for the holiday sale

There is no better way to promote your holiday sales than with creating gorgeous banners with graphics and visuals. You can use these banners to boost your holiday sales.

holiday sale banners

Moreover, you can also change the header/hero image of your homepage for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This tip can help you in attracting customers, and ultimately, in increasing the sales.

2 – Highlight your top collection on your home page

At the times of events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you must highlight your top collection or festive collection on your home page.

Highlight your top collection

This will influence the customers to buy those products and even check out more similar products from your store. This is a great way to make more sales and influence the customers to check other products as well.

3 – Think mobile-first

It’s the age of mobile and mobile applications, and therefore, mobile-first should be the strategy. Last year there were more mobile purchases than desktop purchases, which suggests that this trend is going to continue and rule this year as well. As a Shopify store owner, mobile-first should be your priority.

think mobile first

You should check the user experience of your store on mobile and how responsive your store is. If you want to make it big, test how your store looks and works on mobile and work on it if there are any loopholes.

4 – Improve your store’s navigation

The navigation of your website plays an important role in the overall shopping experience of the customers. Proper website navigation helps the customers to move from one web page to another quickly without much hassle and confusion.

store’s navigation

Navigation is also important for customers to easily find what they’re looking for in the store. During such events, it’s important to check and improve your site’s navigation for increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

5 – Build-in scarcity, if possible. Play with time and win!

Nothing’s better to build scarcity among the customers before the event starts. When you make something rare or time-limited, its value increases, and it attracts the customers’ attention.

Play with time and win

You can also put a timer for purchase countdowns on your store to catch the customers’ attention. For example, “24 hours to go for the Black Friday sale”, etc. This can help you gain more customers and building curiosity among them before the actual sale begins.

We hope you have a successful Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

Preparing, planning, and starting earlier are the keys to a successful Black Friday & Cyber Monday. These were some of the tips you can follow before the biggest shopping festival of the year begins. Gear up for it and start planning today to make the most out of this shopping festival.

For more details and clarification on the tips, you can contact our Shopify experts. Metizsoft Solutions is a leading Shopify store development company, and we can help you make the most out of these two-day sales, which will help you earn more profits.

We hope this list of tips help you and put you in a better position to succeed this holiday season. Have a successful holiday season, guys!

5 Tips to Prepare your Hero Home Page for the Upcoming Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

Sweety Christian

Sweety Christian is Sr. Business Development Executive at Metizsoft Solutions, and assisting merchants to grow with the power of eCommerce. Sweety more focus on e-commerce and in particular the Shopify platform, helping merchants design, build and grow high-converting online stores. Simply, she is eCommerce lover!

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