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Curated list of – Best Angular IDE and Angular Editor for 2021

“Angular development is centered on modern web development practices and tools.”

Angular is a good choice for many companies and is the most popular framework among developers. From its initial stage, Angular has always been in a good run and is the complete package.

The structural framework is use by 90,000 companies and has gained immense popularity over the other JavaScript frameworks. The world’s most prominent search information interface use- Google created Angular in 2004 and supports it.

The front-end leading framework- Angular that millions of people love support Google’s most extensive application. Angular is a type-script web application framework that uses for scalable-secured mobile and web software applications. Angular powered by Google enables tight binding of data to HTML elements.

Integrated Development Environment is a robust software that supports different languages and has several comprehensive tools and rich functions used to create software.

Angular IDE is an IDE that is superior to TypeScript, Angular, and JavaScript support and is develop around the principles of CLI, which helps in initializing paths and even downloading Node if needed. Angular Editor enables to use of JavaScript with HTML and CSS.

As a resultI am sharing the curated list of – Best Angular IDE and Angular Editor for 2021 that can help develop future-ready and next-generation mobile and web applications.

Angular IDE

It is a highly specialized application for faster and effective mobile web applications and develops end-to-end quality business with modern core competencies. Moreover, this is a stand-alone plugin application used for tsconfig.json management. There is increased adoption of Angular IDE and becoming a common platform among the developers.

Benefits of Angular IDE

  • This Angular IDE is primarily for the Angular framework and is the best free integrated development environment. 
  • The framework is Typescript 3.0 validation and debugging.
  • It is available in the Eclipse plugin and highlights the syntax-error source.
  •  Moreover, it promotes the real-time validation of codes.


As we know, Angular has quickly gained popularity, and businessman mostly prefers WebStrom. WebStrom is the smartest and modern JavaScript IDE and related technologies for coding and style sheets. Moreover, WebStrom is considered an all-in-one IDE platform.

Benefits of WebStrom

  • It is an outstanding code editor and is one of the ideal choices for an Integrated Development Environment. 
  • The application has all-in elements for TypeScript and is use as the best Angular Editor.
  • Not only this, WebStroms support JavaScript, Node. js and HTML.
  • It is one of the easy tool integration supporting the latest technologies with debugging and testing support.

Visual Studio Code

The best part of Visual Studio Code IDE is that it releases new features every month with an excellent TypeScript Integration. The famous source course editor and is optimized for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. Moreover, the streamlined IIDE supports several operations like syntax highlighting, intelligent codes, and version control.

Benefits of Visual Studio Code

  • It aims to provide fuller featured IDEs and a quick code-build-debug cycle. 
  • The application supports non-linear workshops and a variety of languages.
  • It is a powerful IDE code editor having refactoring features like Extensible and customizable.

Sublime Text

It is a commercial and most sophisticated commercial source code editor. The application has extraordinary features and a slick user interface. The sophisticated text editor supports many programming languages and mark-up languages.

Benefits of Sublime Text

  • Users can expand functionality to community-built and under free software licenses quickly.
  • Moreover, it supports TypeScript code editing.
  • The text editor is available for Linux, OS, and windows. 
  • It is a highly used Angular editor.


It is a modern open-source code editor with focused visual tools and preprocessor support. It is an ideal blend of graphical tools in a code editor. Moreover, this is a powerful IDE for developing mobile and web applications yet is very light-weighted.

Benefits of Brackets

  • The IDE has inline editors and preprocessor support
  • Great tool for front-end developers.


This open-source editor is a desktop application built using web technologies. GitHub develops the desktop text editor. You can install the Atom TypesScript built on the Electron framework to make the editor a full-fledged IDE. Atom, a free source code editor, has been acquired by Microsoft recently.

Benefits of Atoms

  • Atom IDE is an open-source text developed by GitHub- A hackable Text and Source Code Editor. 
  • This famous IDE helps to write code in a faster and smart-flexible autocomplete.
  •  It has greater functionality and allows more plugins.

Aptana Studio

The world’s most powerful open-source IDE that makes web application development tools with various programming languages. Moreover, this is a free development environment based on Eclipse, supporting JavaScript, HTML, and DOM.

Benefits of Aptana Studio

  • The Aptana Studio IDE builts applications very smoothly and harness the flexibility of Eclipse. 
  • It supports web-application coding languages like JavaScript, AJAX, HTML and CSS, and Ruby on Rails.
  • Moreover, this is the local server for code testing.


It is an open-source ionic framework that can run on any computer running chrome having internet access. It is best for Integrated Development to have a standardized environment for collaboration, automation for the development process.

Benefits of ALM IDE

  • It is a project management tool that helps you to bring people and processes together. 
  • It is the next-generation IDE that can fit like a glove for JavaScript developers and live file linting and live project linting.

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Curated list of – Best Angular IDE and Angular Editor for 2021

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