On-Demand Delivery Apps: Everything You Need To Know!

As the technology is ever-changing and evolving, development trends keep changing now and then. The new addition to the development trends is on-demand delivery apps. On-demand apps are luxury in disguise. Since the apps have come into trend, they have been in-demand industry trends and are a continually evolving concept.

Today, on-demand apps like Uber, Ola, Airbnb, etc. have reshaped the world as well as have made the lives of people much simpler and more manageable.

The delivery apps are not restricted to cab services; they have entered many sectors such as food, healthcare, and grocery delivery app.

The on-demand has taken over the traditional business models by allowing people to get instant access to what

The on-demand delivery apps have become the face of the market in recent years. We can expect that their demand is only going to increase in the coming years as well.

Types of on-demand mobile apps.

  • Business to Business

B2B on-demand apps are focused on connecting businesses from businesses. In this case, the service providers and service takers are not the end-users but they are simply facilitators.

  • Business to Consumers

In this type of on-demand mobile apps, businesses provide the products or services to the end-users. This model is usually followed by businesses that can deliver the products to customers such as Dominos etc.

  • Consumers to Consumers

This on-demand delivery app model connects the end-users to the end-users. In this case, the users create products or offer services to other users to purchase or use.

What are some of the top benefits of an delivery application?

  • Affordability 

Customized on-demand apps are profitable for business owners. It will save their money as they need not invest in transportation. The on-demand model is based on contractors using their own transportation.

  • Fast

Customers can place an order in a snap of a finger with the help of an on-demand delivery app. All the tasks such as searching, ordering, paying and reviewing can be done within one app. This makes an in-demand app such a hit.

  • Convenient

This is the most important benefit of an in-demand app. It is convenient to use. The level of convenience you get by using the on-demand app goes beyond delivery.

A bundle of features such as smart search, real-time tracking, in-app messaging, suitable payment method, quick delivery makes it convenient and a complete package.

  • Ideal for all kinds of businesses

One of the main reasons behind such popularity of these apps is that all kinds of business companies can use them. These apps can be customized according to the needs of different kinds of business firms irrespective of their sector, type, or size.

on-demand delivery app features

some of the important features required for successful on-demand delivery apps.

Customer’s app features-

  • Registration 

The registration should be simple using social media account or email so that the users can easily manage their account. A simple phone number based registration is also a good option for an on-demand delivery app.

  • Real-time GPS tracking 

An on-demand mobile app must have a real-time tracking feature. The GPS tracking system builds trust among users for the app. This feature allows users to track the status of their orders.

  • Payment gateway integration 

This feature is a great convenience for users. The payment gateway integration needs to be safe, reliable and safe. It will be even better if you offer multiple payment options including COD, eWallets and net banking.

  • Reviews and ratings 

The reviews and ratings are actual feedback, which helps the producer to know where to give more effort. The users can share their experiences and rate the app which will also help you to make improvements in the app if required.

  • Order placement

Once the users select the products/services, they will have to place the order. They can either order in real-time or schedule it for a later hour. The basic information needed for placing an order includes addresses, customers’ info, product info, price, and delivery time.

  • In-app call/messaging

All the on-time delivery apps have an in-app call or messaging feature through which the users can get in touch with the delivery man or driver from the application itself. They can also connect him via text messages.

Driver’s features

  • Accept and reject the request 

The drivers are the core resource of a delivery app. the driver acts as a bridge between the sellers and customers. Drivers have the authority to accept or reject requests within a given period.

  • Availability 

The service providers can choose their availability as per their time. They can offer their service on their own will at their preferred time. They will earn as per their availability.

  • Earning tracker 

This feature helps the driver to maintain his/her finances and can plan the working day accordingly.

Admin’s features

  • Efficient user management 

The admin handles all the customer activities such as payments, discounts or any query. Thus, this allows easy access to the administration which can help in maintaining the company’s goodwill.

  • Manage driver’s ledger

It is the admin’s job to maintain the driver’s commissions, incentives, earnings, penalties, and promotions.

  • Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics helps the admin to view the insights of app-based services and its usage. The analytics show the areas of a website which require improvements.

All these features are necessary for a successful on-demand delivery app. make sure to include these features, and take benefit of them. 

Here are some of the ways you can grow your delivery business-

  • Pre-launch marketing

Marketing is a meaningful way to grow your business. Before the launch of an on-demand app, it’s important to advertise the app to let the people know about it. Pre-launch app marketing will help you promote your brand.

  • Run a referral program

To expand the reach of your business, try introducing special offers and referral programs. You can provide offers as an incentive for downloading the app.  It will catch users’ attention and will help you reach more users online.

  • Include a feedback system

Every on-demand delivery app must have a star-rating system for both seekers and providers. A rating system helps in creating trust among the users.

  • Personalized push notifications

Sending personalized notifications to help promote engagement and develop a rapport with the user. Push notifications should take the users to the exact location in the app that was given in the message.

Which businesses need an on-demand delivery apps for faster growth and development?

  • Courier service

Having an on-demand app for courier service will help the user to save a lot of time and effort and brings convenience to the users. Courier apps can be made for laundry delivery services and grocery delivery services.

  • Transport service

The transport industry is ever-growing. Apps like Uber, Ola, and Jugnoo autos have made their success marks and there are many other successful cab services as well. Because of the ever-increasing population, the on-demand taxi booking service sector is going to expand.

  • Food delivery service

This is one of the most important industries that has benefited the most from on-demand delivery apps. Food delivery apps like Zomato, Uber eats and Swiggy has changed the food delivery service segment. These apps have made the lives simpler and smarter because after all, who doesn’t like ready-to-eat food delivered at their doorstep?

  • Healthcare service

Nowadays, there are medicine delivery apps and healthcare apps that provide professional healthcare services at home. This service has benefited many especially the older people who get the professional healthcare service at their home and don’t have to travel to the hospitals.

Get your on-demand delivery app built today.

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On-Demand Delivery Apps: Everything You Need To Know!

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