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Sales Force Tracking App


On-field employee tracking has become a significant necessity for any business that employs sales or service people. MTracker – A best Field Force Tracking App allows a business manager to stay updated about employee schedules and distance traveled for a day.


Field Force Tracking App System also helps the manager to be aware of the meeting time spent by an employee across various clients. GPS-based Sales Employee Tracking System features allow the business to auto-generate dynamic reports from the data collected in the GPS-based field force tracking mobile app.

Besides monitoring the location of your field staff, the app offers sophisticated ways to track and measure their daily on-job activities.

The sales force tracking app helps the business manager locate salespersons on the map, which would help the manager guide the salesperson to visit new clients nearby the place of employee location.

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Order Status

What do you need to know? Order status!

Live Order Submission & Tracking System from Fields by Dealers & sales representatives.

The Sales Executive will book the order on behalf of the dealer.

For Security, the order will be booked in the dealer’s name with the reference name of the Sales Executive for the information.

After the availability of the product in stock, a confirmation will be made by General Manager.

Stock and production management will be done internally by the warehouse & production manager.

Based on the booking, the warehouse and production managers will deliver the order (Note: Order will be in bulk).

Order Report status will inform General Manager about pending and completed orders.


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Key Features

Key Features of Salesforce Tracking App

Location Tracking

Geo-Tagged Attendance

Beat Plan - Create Schedules

Route Distance Calculator

Custom Forms

Geo-Fence Monitoring

Location Tracking

Monitor the live location of your employees effortlessly, regardless of your location and time, while they are on the job.

  • View their real-time location on the map by tracking their mobile GPS.
  • Identify who is attending a meeting.
  • Receive notifications when someone is idle and not utilizing their working hours productively.

Geo-Tagged Attendance

Obtain precise Clock-In/Punch-In time and location data of attendance by utilizing their mobile devices. Utilizing geo-location technology ensures the utmost dependability and compliance with regulations.

  • Generate limitless shifts.
  • Obtain in-depth reports regarding tardiness or absence.
  • Integrated Leave Management System to monitor your staff’s absences.
  • A comprehensive Timesheet Application.

Beat Plan - Create Schedules

Could you make schedules for your teams to follow throughout the day to avoid wasting time guessing where to go next with a beat plan?

  • Delivery and service teams require a beat plan.
  • Generate schedules in advance for the day, week, or month.
  • Monitor completed and remaining scheduled visits in real time.

Route Distance Calculator

Use Team Spoor to accurately calculate the distance and duration of your field executives’ official travels and save your business a lot of money.

  • Could you get the actual distance and duration traveled?
  • Calculates only official work distance.
  • Optimize conveyance calculation to save money for your business.
  • Approve or deny the claim.

Custom Forms

Customize forms for your field executives to complete after each visit, gathering payment information, new orders, customer feedback, or other necessary business data.

  • All forms have geotags for data authenticity.
  • Assign varied forms to teams & visits.
  • Require signature or photos to verify customer visit.
  • Download reports conveniently.

Geo-Fence Monitoring

Set up virtual GPS fences to keep in-house employees within the designated location during work hours. This is particularly beneficial for remote workers without direct supervision who are expected to remain indoors during their scheduled work hours.

  • Obtain comprehensive breach reports including in and out timings.
  • Make endless geofences.
  • Please be sure to receive alerts for fence breaches.

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