Let’s Say Good Bye to 2019 and Welcome 2020!

“Let’s welcome 2020 with Metiz fin de año fiestas”

As we came to the end of the year 2019, we are happy that it had been a wonderful year for us. The success of our company is directly proportional to the efforts and hard work of our employees. To appreciate their hard work and dedication, we decided to take them out on a one-day picnic at A.A.R.T.I, which stands for Anant Agrofoods Resort And Training Inc. Which is a great place for spending a day out with colleagues.

Year End Picnic 2019

When we reached A.A.R.T.I, we were heartily welcomed. They served us hot breakfast, and we went nom, nom, nom….

Jungle Safari

Now what?

After having our tummies full, we went for jungle safari, interesting sound right? Well, we had great fun.

Rope Walk

It was a day full of adventure, as we all did a lot of adventurous activities together. All the fun activities such as zigzag, rope walk, zip line, etc.

Adventure activity

These activities helped all the employees to come out of their comfort zone and all of them enjoyed these activities to the core.

Adventure walk

It’s time to fill our bellies again!

All of these activities made us hungry again as we were craving for some delicious food to fill our tummies.

Camel Cart Ride

To our surprise, we were taken to the restaurants on a camel cart. Out of crowded roads and pollution of the city, all the employees enjoyed the camel ride.

authentic kathiyawadi cuisine

We reached the restaurant of the resort, and they served us authentic kathiyawadi cuisine. Who doesn’t like authentic food and we must say the food there was delicious.

Funy Games

Now it’s time for some fun games

We charged ourselves with delicious food and now we were ready to play some fun games.

Marbles Games

These games were a great chance for all the employees to bond and co-ordinate with each other.

Tag Of War

We played games like a tug of war, musical chairs, cricket and many more. It was such a fun time for all the employees.

rope walk kids

It’s time for Hi-Tea

Now it’s time for snacks. All of us had to steam hot tea with Samosas and interacted with each other. All of us sat and relaxed and had a peaceful time.

Relaxe time

Now comes the best part

Now comes the best part of the picnic, the gift distribution. All the employees gifted each other some gifts secretively. Everyone was quite surprised and happy with their gifts, and it was a great way to maintain the harmony and friendliness between the Metizsoft family.

Gift Distribution

We all clicked a lot of group photos to lock this day into memories.

Now the highlight of the day…

How can we forget Garba?

For Gujjus, no event is complete with Garba…
Ae Haaaaloo Garba ramva….

We ended our picnic with loads of fun, photos, and memories. We are thankful to our whole team for making this picnic so fun-filled and memorable.

It was simply an amazing day out for all the Metizsoftians.

Let’s Say Good Bye to 2019 and Welcome 2020!

Chetan Patel

Director at Metizsoft Solutions, Chetan Sheladiya today stands at the top of a leading Mobile Application Development company, which further specializes in Online Business Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, amongst other areas. A tech-lover at heart, Chetan has had more than a decade worth of experience, dealing with hundreds of projects, and creating a bunch of unique IT solutions along the way. His other interest lies in sharing his ideas and opinions with people as passionate about technology, as he is. You can find his thoughts expressed on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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