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We Develop Responsive, High-Quality On-Demand Solutions for Android And IOS.

On-demand app development company have become quite popular among users and business owners in recent time. The on-demand industry is reaching a new height and is becoming more and more popular with the increasing number of customers and the demand. This all-pervasive solution can be deployed for almost all types of businesses, whether it is taxi booking, food delivery, grocery delivery and many more.

The on-demand app services  as a bridge between the customers and the businesses. One of the reasons for the huge success of these apps is that it has simplified people’s lives as they can get the products delivered to their doorsteps. The increasing demand for on-demand app solutions has also increased the demand for on-demand app Development services to provide the required services.

Range of user-friendly on-demand services covered by the on-demand mobile applications.


Multiple payment methods

Multiple offers and discounts

Tracking the order status

Help and feedback

Real-time calls and messages

Reviews and ratings

Alerts and notifications

Alerts and notifications

Geo-location integration

Customer App
Service Provider App
Admin Dashboard

Range of services covered by on demand mobile application for customer app are

  • Multiple payment methods
  • Tracking the order status
  • Real-time calls and messages
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Multiple offers and discounts
  • Help and feedback
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Geo-location integration
  • Allocation/selection
  • Dynamic service selection
fitness app

Range of services covered by on demand mobile application for service provider app are

  • Efficient profile management
  • Handling order requests
  • Payment statements
  • Help & support
  • Accepting and rejecting requests
  • Customer rating
fitness app

Highly Interactive and Customizable dashboard helps the admin to cover the following tasks

  • Manage the users
  • Tracks the services
  • Handles the service providers
  • Manage the reviews
  • Manage the pricing of products
fitness app

Get insights of your business with the help of analytics data. Analytics data provides you with insights like

  • Reducing the costs
  • Evaluating the driver’s performance
  • Optimizing the passenger’s app
  • Contacting the customer
  • Checking the rating system
fitness app

Perks of on-demand app development solutions


The following are the perks of having an on-demand mobile app and how it provides you with holistic business solutions.

Easy Registration

Easy registration and user profile integration

On-demand mobile apps have easy registration and login options, making it easy for businesses to collect user data. Social media integration helps in building healthy social relationships with users. It also

  • Provides social media integration
  • Ensures high engagement
  • Customized product offerings

Ordering is effortless

With on-demand solutions, ordering is quite simple. The users can search for the products in the search bar and request them with just a few clicks. On-demand services fulfil the demand of users by being effortless, quick and easy. With the help of on-demand app solutions, the users can-

  • View order
  • Track the order
  • Access the order history and records
  • Schedule the order

On-demand app services at your fingertips

Revolutionize your business by offering on-demand app development services to the users at their fingertips. On-demand apps stress upon users to choose the services and request for the same. With on-demand solutions, retailers and businessmen can stay connected with the customers 24*7. It also provides the following services-

  • Allows browsing service categories
  • Provides access to products at fingertips
  • Gives product comparisons

Order tracking and updates

On-demand solutions offer excellent order tracking feature with the help of which the users can know where their order has reached. Users can track their order and can keep track of time. These solutions keep the users updated about the expected service time and delivery time. It also helps in-

  • Knowing order status information
  • Tracking the order in real-time
  • Automatic status updates

Have your mobile app for on-demand solutions for the following businesses


The on-demand apps have changed the face of business as it has renewed several traditional business and services. On-demand mobile solutions are working as a bridge between demand and supply gap in the industry. On-demand mobile application development has simplified the lives of people as they will get the services with much lesser efforts with a few clicks. On-demand mobile application development has till now entered the following business

Health And Fitness

Online Cab Booking

Home Cleaning

Logistics and courier services

Grocery Delivery

Travel And Tourism

Online Food Ordering

Beauty salon and grooming services


Hire on-demand app developers for developing the best on-demand mobile apps.

If you want to develop a mobile app for on-demand solutions, Metizsoft Solutions can help you develop a high-quality app and grow your business. Metizsoft is a top on-demand mobile app development company having a team of expert developers who use the latest technology to create the best applications and solutions. We provide top-notch on-demand app services and help you establish your business in the industry.

Technology Expertise

For the best on demand solutions, hire the best on-demand app Development Company


For the best and most profitable on demand solutions, hire the most trusted on-demand app development company. On demand solutions are proven to be beneficial for retailers or businessmen as well as customers. To fulfill the need of customers’ demand, the app has to be developed in such a way that it provides them a great user experience. Metizsoft Solutions is an on demand mobility solutions development company in Ahmadabad. We have developed many successful on demand solutions and continue to develop solutions of excellent quality to meet the client’s expectations. We make sure your business reaches new heights with your on demand mobility app.

For more details regarding the on demand mobility solutions, get in touch with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Metizsoft solutions for on-demand app development services?

Metizsoft Solutions is well-known for being a renowned on-demand app mobile development company. Our team of experts have developed many on-demand mobile apps which are pretty successful today. You can trust us when it comes to the quality and responsiveness of the app.

Will the on-demand solution be customizable?

The on-demand app solution will be customizable as per your needs. We provide personalized app development solutions to our clients and make sure to fulfil their requirements. Our team focuses on creating an excellent app exclusively for your needs, and therefore, you can trust us regarding the app’s customization.

How long will you take to develop an app for on-demand app services?

The time of the development varies from one solution to the other. We will only be able to tell you the estimated time after we understand your needs and requirements.

How much will it cost to build an on-demand mobile app?

We offer the best pricing, keeping in mind the budget constraints. We will give you an estimate after knowing your requirements since the development of one app differs from the other.

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