At Metizsoft, work space is fully designed and highly networked with latest technology and necessary equipment. We believe that with best software and hardware environment, we can deliver quality driven products to our clients.

metizsoft solutions infrastructure



  • Dedicated Servers
  • Latest and hottest personal computers and laptops for development
  •  All the required devices for quality assurance and testing
  • UPS Power back-up and internet backup for uninterrupted services
  • Meeting room and conference hall for conversations

Security provided at Metizsoft

  • Secure Access Control System
  • We do sign NDA and related legal agreements
  • Monitoring via CCTV

Metizsoft is equipped with the high-end professionals and latest technologies. We provide suitable environment and machinery to our team to deliver the finest possible solutions. But, instead of ending here, we are always looking for change and improvement. We often invite our clients to visit us at our office. If you want to meet us, we are more than happy.