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Power up Your Business through Our Scalable, Protected and Robust AWS cloud application Development Services

In this modern age technology realm, we know that technology and business are walking hand by hand. Consequently, to be in the space of success and dexterity, it is essential to stay ahead of the game. Knocking your Grey cells — what to do? A solid punch of the latest technologies like the adoption of AWS development can scale your business to successful heights with an eminent computing capacity. The technology inventions have demanded every business to use and manage cloud-based computing services and Amazon is ruling the cloud computing services provider in the world. Hire AWS Developer from Metizsoft & Get affordable amazon web services development.

Wikipedia defines AWS as, “collection of remote computing services, also called web services, that make up a cloud computing platform offered by” In simple words, the collection of simple yet powerful access to cloud storage and computation along with analytic and management tools is known as Amazon Web Services. It has brought a rapid growth and transformation in the business industry and computing capacity. Today Amazon Web Services development helps various organizations across the internet from startups to established business, universities and research labs by serving the IT services and leading them to the success road. Moreover, it is a tool that can be leveraged by anyone from content producers to database analysts.

SIP 200 shared resource- 1 VCPU, 2 GB$80
SIP 300 shared resource- 4 VCPU, 6 GB$195
SIP 400 dedicated server- 12 VCPU, 24 GB, 600 GB disk$600
SIP 500 dedicated server- 16 VCPU, 24 GB, 600 GB disk

t2.small - 1 VCPU, 2GB$75
t2.large- 2 VCPU, 8GB$150
t2.2xlarge - 8 VCPU, 32 GB, 600 GB SSD$500
m4.4xlarge - 16 VCPU, 64 GB, 600 GB SSD$750
t2.medium - 2 VCPU, 4 GB$100
t2.xlarge - 4 VCPU, 16 GB$250

Amazon Cloud Services Pricing That We Offer

Amazon Lightsail1 VCPU, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD Disk, 2 TB data transfer, No management$10
Amazon Lightsail2 VCPU, 8 GB, 80 GB SSD Disk, 5 TB data transfer, No management$80
t2.small - 1 VCPU, 2GBAWS EC2 instance, 1 VCPU, 2 GB, 30 GB SSD Disk, 10 GB monthly data transfer, Managed service$75
t2.large- 2 VCPU, 8GBAWS EC2 instance, 2 VCPU, 8 GB, 60 GB SSD Disk, 20 GB monthly data transfer, Managed Service$150
t2.xlarge - 4 VCPU, 16 GBAWS EC2 instance, 4 VCPU, 16 GB, 100 GB SSD Disk, 50 GB monthly data transfer, Managed Service$250
t2.2xlarge - 8 VCPU, 32 GB, 600 GB SSDAWS EC2 instance, 8 VCPU, 32 GB, 600 GB SSD Disk, 50 GB monthly data transfer, Managed Service$500

So How Can AWS developers Help You For Your business?

The AWS developer will serve you the benefits of different cloud computing tools and this will take your business to excellence. Our skilled AWS certified developers have the capability to produce and deliver code, track resource usage, user activity and even have the access to real-time data streaming. The developers present a real-time and flexible solution to most of the problems that AWS is able to solve. Moreover, Our developers can effectively manage mobile services, data storage, and essential security management.

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Let’s Hire AWS Developer To Get Best Amazon Cloud Services

HIre AWS Developer

“You cannot make a picture with same puzzle pieces” or better said, “One size never fits all” – we understand these facts very well and so initially prior any work we understand your business anatomy and accordingly serve you the best AWS services for you.

At Metizsoft we have a team that is resourceful about Amazon Web Services development and we serve our clients with excellent AWS solutions. Not only that our developers help you to effectively migrate over to AWS server with the help of S3, ELB, Route53, and EC2.

You can Hire Metizsoft as an outstanding Amazon web hosting services provider company which always desires to serve their customers with marvelous experience in development of cloud-based apps. Our company can be considered as a one-stop solution for all your AWS related services.

Our AWS Cloud Services Consist

Amazon Cloud Services

After knowing about the benefits of AWS server anyone can think about moving to cloud. No matter what if you are thinking to move to the cloud or you are on the cloud we help you with professional and practiced consulting, audit and other important notes on how to gain the benefits of AWS optimally for creating a robust application.

AWS Cloud Migration

Migrations should be done carefully avoiding the loss of data. We have specialists that start by analyzing your current application and later recommends an optimal solution to migrate your application content to AWS effortlessly.

AWS Cloud Application Development

An application should be robust, scalable and one that delivers high performance. We expertise in creating such application that serve you the benefit for your business. Our AWS developers and consultants are always ready to help you with AWS cloud related concerns.

AWS Managed Services

Hire our experts to manage all the AWS related databases and infrastructure along with reliable application deployment on AWS.

Cloud Architecture & Security

The moment you think of starting with public cloud services, you will avail fruits like cloud architecture, security architecture, VPC solution and other essential services that manages the workloads with this unprecedented & robust framework.

Cloud Cost Optimization (Reduction in bills)

A cost effective service that does not break the bank is what we all look for. Our services will help you to reduce the cloud bills by 20-25%, as we optimize various application resources. The architecture at your door which helps customers to save without losing the efficient performance.

SAP Hana Workloads On Cloud (In OPEX Model)

Time for a golden handshake. Yes! The time you intend to implement SAP Hana on AWS you can easily avoid large capital expenditures and get a cost effective SAP solution.

DR ( Disaster Recovery)

A penny saved is a penny earned. The DR on cloud is an outstanding cost-effective strategy tailored for businesses of all size. We offer all DR services including business continuity plan preparation, implementation of Hot / Warm/Cold site with needed RTO/RPO etc.

Analytics Solutions

Our AWS services includes Big data solutions that are provided at one tenth cost in comparison to traditional analytic solutions.


We are not just limited to traditional AWS Services offered by all companies. We stand out by serving you other profiting services included in AWS like DevOps on AWS. With our help DevOps can be developed on cloud and managed in a cost efficient way.