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Front-End Development Company

Front-End development services essentially comprise using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to ensure that any web, mobile, or desktop software application, which users directly interact with, is fast, easily navigable, and high-performing.
What if HTML has been developed for creating web-apps? That is probably how a Front-End development company, like Metizsoft Solutions, would define AngularJS. We specialize in building single-page enterprise apps with MVC (model–view–controller) capability. We believe in exploring the concept of third-party integration, modular design, and the way AngularJS technology, and therefore HTML with its dynamic abilities, can be extended. Our team of creative minds works with front-end frameworks to strategize, integrate, design, develop, upgrade, support, and maintain, and more under our offshore web development services. We are a proud Front End development company that materializes our clients’ creative ideas, turning business theories and visions into stark successful realities.
An Array of Front End Development Services
Being a market leader, when it comes to providing Front End Web development services, we have successfully delivered projects, hundreds in numbers, using the latest technologies. Here are some of our broad ranges of services that make sure every client's business stands apart in the crowd.
Front End Architecture & Design
We provide solutions that make sure CSS and HTML are maintainable, without being married to any particular web framework, and can be reused for mobile and web apps while handling AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).
Custom JavaScript Based Solutions
We build custom solutions that save time and effort in the future, which is optimized to handle your specific business requirements, and is devoid of any bloated code, that is, it includes only what you need, exactly the way you need it.
UI / UX Development
We understand how the invaluable is a well thought-out UX as well as an efficient UI. Through the power of front-end development, we always manage to not just enhance the look and feel of a website, but ensure that a high level of user experience.
Performance Tuning and Optimization
By asking the basic question – How fast does this page load ? – we undertake the responsibility of web performance optimization by putting various testing tools, such as Page Speed, Firebug, YSlow, and so on, to regular use.
Re-engineering Services
For existing software applications, that are out-of-date, and therefore in need of an updation, we make them go through application re-engineering process. not just an update, but this process is aimed at completely evolving the said applications.

The Process of Frontend Development Implementation

The developing front end of an application entails a complex and step-by-step implementation process that goes on from discovery to prototyping, development, and final deployment.
The Front-end implementation process begins with discovering everything about a client project, using mockups, questionnaires, and regular client feedback. It is followed by the planning process, which includes picking the right tools and technologies and server testing. Then comes the prototyping stage, wherein UI designs are made and either dropped or finalized, while also including wireframing and branding till the final prototype gets approval. The development phase requires us to do hard coding and make sure everything is blended well. Before final delivery or deployment, the essential step of compatibility and automation testing is carried out so that there is little to no probability of errors.

Front-End Frameworks That Make Notable Application Front Ends

Here’s a peek into the front-end frameworks or scripting languages we use, to build noteworthy software applications.
We specialize in offering ReactJS development services to create better user interfaces that are big on speed while being simple and scalable.
Through our brand of AngularJS development services, we are able to provide our client businesses with a well-thought AngularJS strategy, development, design, integrations, as well as further maintenance and support, along with any required upgrades, and more.
we are able to develop lightweight and highly productive web applications, using the non-blocking and event-driven I/O model offered by Node.js – a framework that offers the largest of open source libraries.
one of the most popular HTML, JS, and CSS library across the globe, front-end development company like ours prefers it because it helps develop highly responsive projects on the web with relative ease.
With jQuery, the UI is expected to be a set of effective interactions, widgets, effects, as well as themes, making it more than apt a choice for frontend developers to create highly interactive web apps.
An open-source mobile and web application development framework, it provides a consistent control, access, and protection to structured and unstructured data across any device, therefore, helping us build top quality native as well as progressive web applications.
Why Should You Hire Front End Developers from Metizsoft Solutions?
Every company, small, medium, or big, needs today a functional and attractive app that appeals to their audience and succeeds in maintaining their interest. We are a bunch of expert software developers who sternly believe that the front end of any enterprise app – both mobile and web – should be able to engage your customers, delivering a robust user experience.
At Metizsoft Solutions, we are a team of professional front-end web developers who build customized mobile and web apps, as well as websites, both cross-platform and cross-browser, with a thorough approach. We use the latest technologies and front-end frameworks to deliver top-class applications that further create highly meaningful experiences for their end-users.
In a world that is increasingly being driven by continually upgrading mobile and web technology and distinct business needs, a one-size-fits-all strategy has ceased to work long back. If you want your organization and project needs to be catered to through a development strategy that is tailor-made for you, do hire front-end developers from Metizsoft Solutions.