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In this mobile era, where over a billion of the population is using mobiles and has access to the internet; the possibilities in the eCommerce world are immense and never-ending. The eCommerce has changed the face of the business in modern times. It has broken all the barriers which existed in the past and has proved that the place is not important or the trade between the buyers and sellers.

Metizsoft Solutions which is an eCommerce web development company has one motive, to build an eCommerce website of your dream. Our goal is to convert your idea into reality through our best eCommerce Solutions. We offer customized eCommerce development services to our clients so that they can climb the ladder of success in the world of eCommerce.

eCommerce Web Development

eCommerce Store Setup


We build online eCommerce stores according to the client’s requirements and needs. We make sure to build a store with updated technology and all the required features and functionality. With all these features, we ensure you a successful running of an online eCommerce store.

Android App Development


The current economy can also be termed as “app economy”. Millions of apps are being created every day and are used all around the globe. An app can be created to sell any product or to provide services online. We create feature-filled, SEO friendly and responsive Android apps.

eCommerce Android App
eCommerce iOS App

iOS App Development


Our developers build small and big sized apps for the iPhone segment. There are a large number of iPhone users on the planet and there is a lot of requirement for new iOS apps. Our developers build great iOS apps for all the iPhone users out there.

Warehouse & Stock Management

This function gives your store the required functionality to manage the warehouse and stock management. We provide inventory management, stock registration, editing and auditing of new stocks. We offer hassle-free stock management services that are necessary for keeping the track of stock.

Warehouse and Stock Management
Point Of Sale Feature

Point Of Sale Feature


Point of sale features is similar to the one you experience in the physical stores. Whenever you purchase from these stores, your purchased items are scanned at every date to make sure you bought that item. Now similarly when you buy something online from an eCommerce store, this feature on your site will verify all the items purchased by you. It keeps a data of all the purchases you have made.

Supply Management System


The supply management system makes sure that the store’s supply chain is properly maintained and all the goods that have been supplied are properly recorded. The supply management system is designed to keep a record of all the supplied items as well as keep the record of the other supply-related data.

Supply Management System
Invoice and Billing Management

Invoice & Billing Management


This feature allows you to maintain all the payments made by the customers using different payment gateways on your website. You can maintain the payment through a centralized mechanism that exists on your store. Through this feature you can keep a record of all the payments made on your website. This feature will make your work much easier and simpler. You can easily manage the finances with this feature.

Sales Management System


This feature is the store productivity feature of a website. This feature will represent the total sales that the eCommerce store has made. This feature will also give you statistics and useful insights in the form of charts and graphs to make you aware of your store’s overall performance. It helps you know where you lack and also suggests ways to maximize the store’s sale and performance.

Sales Management System
Third Party API Integration

API & Payment Gateway


Third party API integration permits you to develop custom applications that connect directly with your third party software. This feature will enhance the overall look of your eCommerce site. This will also make your commerce website more eCommerce friendly.

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We believe that the most creative minds have the ability to create something out-of-the-box. Therefore, we design attractive websites and application that are a hallmark of creativity. So if you have any idea, get in touch with us. We will turn that idea into reality and deliver a robust web solution to you.