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MClinic – We at Metizsoft Offer you an all-in-one Clinic Management System that specializes in keeping all records of visitors, available materials, staff, patients, and much more.

Along with this, mClinic App – Hospital & Clinic Management Mobile App has a unique set of features such as appointment booking, patient registration, Medical Data, Reception Management & Many others that can help you in managing your complete hospital and Clinic with ease and efficiency. Upgrade your systems now with us.

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Why Use Clinic & Hospital Management System?

  • Patient Record Management
  • Patients easily book an appointment with Mobile Apps
  • Doctors Availability Check
  • Easily Staff Management
  • Patient History & Record Keeping
  • Easy to Manage X-Ray and other medical reports
  • Insurance & Claim Settlement easy
  • Accounting and Billing are simpler
  • Medical emergencies service get managed
  • Pharmacy and Imagine center notifying quickly on need.
  • Doctors can use mobile apps to study patient history
  • A dashboard shows a 360 view of the total Patient treated and Doctors and Staff activities

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