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Smart Ways to Increase Mobile Magento Ecommerce Sales

In the last few years, mobile-based website traffic has increased considerably and it accounts for almost 30% of the web traffic.

It is extremely necessary for the eCommerce website to feature a responsive design, which helps in making a website accessible to the shoppers coming from various devices.

Even Magento offers a wide range of features and up-gradation, which can help in successfully dealing with the mobile-based shoppers in a much better way.

eCommerce sector is highly competitive and has become overcrowded by a large number of stores, which aim to offer amazing deals and better price points to the same-targeted users.

In this scenario, the ranking in the search engine pages plays a vital role in bringing a continuous flow of website visitors.

Focus on long-tail links and keywords as it is much easier to get better ranks in these than the premium and popular short keywords.

Magento offers an extension, which helps in converting the long-tail links into short ones, which get easily optimized for the search engines.

It also offers help on optimizing different page titles and the header.

Highly optimized titles and links are favored by the search engines, as they can easily read over them and place on the results page.

  • Understand and implement the trends

Black Friday and holiday shopping trends not just help the offline retailer to score big on sales but can also help the online retailers.

In order to reap the maximum benefits of such a shopping frenzy among the consumers, it is necessary to perform some on and off-site optimization.

These optimizations will help you in countering a wide number of visitors’ flow on such days and it will also help in showcasing different time-centric and customer-centric offers on the website.

Ensure your website possesses a responsive web design that will allow the users on different devices to access your website without any hassle.

  • Integrate responsive design

Nowadays, online shoppers access the website not just from the traditional source of laptops and PC but also from a wide variety of devices like tablets, smartphones, and others.

Most of the websites fail to load correctly and lose a number of features and functionality while being displayed on devices other than PC and laptop.

This disrupts the core user’s experience and ends up providing low satisfactory level results to the users.

Magento offers a responsive design element, which allows the website to easily adapt to the size of the device screen without losing any feature and functionality of the website.

Using this responsive design, website owners can provide the best features to their targeted users and it will also help in generating valuable sales through such devices.

  • Multi-lingual and Geo-targeting

Most of the eCommerce stores have an international appeal, which makes it necessary to have multiple sites based on geographical location. Magento offers various features, which can easily identify the geographic region of buyers on the basis of their internet connection and can direct them to the respective website.

This feature will eliminate the need of bringing pop up on the screen asking the user to divert to their country-centric or geographic centric site.

Furthermore, this feature also ensures that people get the website in their own language for a better understanding of the products and services displayed on the website.

  • Follow Up on your customers

It doesn’t matter whether you have a simplified checkout process or ‘extensive’ one customer is bound to abandon the shopping process for a variety of reasons.

The best way to push sales in these scenarios is to do a follow up on these customers. Magento offers various racking features, which track the shopping cart abandons to incomplete checkout processes.

With this information, the eCommerce website can get in touch with the shoppers by sending them mail or calling them in order to get to know what caused them to leave the shopping process.

This feedback will help in fetching better deals along with eliminating which might have resulted in abandonment.

Following up doesn’t always prompt the shopper to return and complete the order but it can help in identifying different problems faced by the shoppers.

Smart Ways to Increase Mobile Magento Ecommerce Sales

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