Get To Know five Out Of The Box Features In Magento Enterprise To Increase The Conversions

Magento Enterprise Edition is loaded with a huge range of features and functionalities, which are simply overlooked by the merchants.

Here are the top 5 out of the box features which can help you in giving a considerable boost to the conversions within a short time.

The Box Features In Magento Enterprise

  • Customer Segments

A customer segment is a powerful tool within Magento, which can help in getting huge returns.

One has to make effective customer segmentation, which can boost the conversion rate along with the amount of returning customers fairly easily.

Store owners introduce the customer segment by setting some simple conditions based on the customer behavior pattern.


For example, Set a customer segment for all the customers who had purchased items over $200 in last 30 days.

Include some criteria such as shopping cart rules like offering 10% additional discounts to them and likewise.

Now, spend some time in setting up customer segments and it will help in providing a personalized shopping experience to those customers.

  • Rule-Based Product Relations

Most of the online stores with huge product catalog find it difficult to set up related products in order to initiate cross-sells and upsells.

Magento Enterprise Edition comes to your rescue with its exclusive feature known as Rule-Based Product Relations.

This feature allows shop owners to automate the process of which product should appear as a related product based on certain conditions set by the owner for initiating cross-sells and upsells.


For example in the Men’s shopping store, if a store owner wishes to automatically display Jeans products as upsells to the customers shopping in shoe category, then he can set the Rule-Based Product Relation feature on the certain condition in shoe category.

Get ahead to use this powerful tool to create your own set of rules, which will apply to specific customer segments, and very soon, you will see a substantial rise in the conversions.

  • Reward Points

In order to retain the customers, it is necessary to set up a loyalty scheme, which will reward the customers for their continuous shopping at the store.

Magento EE itself has a robust feature called OOTB, which allows the store owners to easily set how reward points can be earned, and the number of points one customer can earn with each transaction.

You can set your loyalty scheme bundled in the form of reward points within few minutes and customers just love to get additional discounts every now and then.

  • Virtual Merchandiser

Virtual Merchandiser

Magento EE has an OOTB feature for Virtual Merchandiser, which allows the merchant to simply drag, drop and save products in particular as per their choice and this gets updated quickly on the website.

Virtual Merchandiser offers two unique features – ‘Hero Products’ will specify one or more products to display constantly on the top of the category page and ‘Smart Categories’ adds products automatically to the categories as per certain conditions.

  • Gift Registry

Most of the online stores now offer a feature of the gift list, which helps the customers in getting to know various products available for gifting purposes under different categories.

Magento EE has a feature known as OOTB Gift Registry, which can help in setting different gift registers.

A merchant can easily define multiple types of Gift Registers with an attribute of their own choice.

For example, a merchant can create a Birthday Gift register along with a gender attribute so that customers can know whether it is for men, women, teen, kid or toddler and can purchase those products, which match their need.

This feature will also allow the customers to create multiple registers based on the merchant’s pre-defined types and they can even add items to the gift registers, which can be shared with family and friends quite easily.

Get To Know five Out Of The Box Features In Magento Enterprise To Increase The Conversions

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