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React Native Database: Choose The Right Database To Let Your App Work Smooth

We all must have heard of React Native at least once in some blog or article as it has become a prime platform choice for the startups wanting to have an online app in a cost and time-efficient manner. React Native has established itself in the industry as one of the most popular and fully-grown app development platform.

Many leading industries in the world already have their websites and apps built on this platform. React native is undeniably an apt choice for those who are looking to develop cross-platform applications.

In this blog, we will focus on a list of top react native database for app development in 2021. But, before that, Let’s we know what is react native.

What is React Native, and what does it do?

React Native is a renowned framework for developing real native mobile applications for Android and iOS.  The demand for react Native has increased in the past few years and is only going to rise in the future.

The best thing about React Native is developing applications for Android, iOS, web, and windows. The React Native applications are available for both Android and iOS platforms, and therefore, you can use a single code for creating the apps for both the operating systems.

It has a massive community support today as it is backed by Facebook and has proved itself a robust framework in the industry. React Native is built on the top of ReactJS, and it has given a competition to a strong competitor, Angular JS.

With the increasing demand for this framework, there is a growing pressure on the React Native developers to develop high-performing apps that work well and are easily scalable.

Because of the increasing demand for React Native development, it becomes difficult for the developers to opt for the relevant technology incorporating the right database for the framework.

Some of essential factors, that you should look for while choosing the database.

Here are the factors to keep an eye on while choosing the right local database for your app.

  • Memory Handling

Handling the memory is of utmost importance because if the data is not handled correctly, there is a chance to crash the apps.

The local database you choose for the app development must handle the data accurately and clear the cache in time intervals.

The database should also make sure that sufficient memory is accessible for the smooth running of the app.

  • Data Complexity

The complexity of data is another factor that you must note while choosing the right database. For maximum mobile apps, data is preserved either in the form of key values or JSON structure.

Therefore, it is a important to choose the right local database to easily manage complicated data structures and handle the complexity well.

  • Managing Data Conflicts

If you add more features in the app, there are more chances of data conflicts. You should choose the database to manage these conflicts well and share the website’s data conflict management rules.

Delve into the database’s documents to beware of how they manage syncing and conflicts and explore the trade-offs created and the impact it will have on the app.

  • Ease of Use

You should always choose a database that is not very complicated, and the one which you can combine with fewer efforts. The easy to use database will help you improve the whole development procedure and simplify the development.

  • Offline Data Syncing

These days users need their apps to work offline also so that the site runs even when the connectivity is slow. Therefore, it is essential to integrate the database that allows data synchronization when users connect to the internet again.

On the basis of the factors for choosing the best database for React Native, we will now look at the top local database options which would be best suited for your React Native development.

Now, let’s begin to talk about the best React Native database

Realm Database

1. Realm

The realm database is an object-oriented open-source database that operates ten times quicker than the rational database. It also supports complicated data types for real-time offline apps.

Realm database doesn’t need any key-value stores or object-related mapping. This database has been proven to be beneficial for creating React Native apps for both Android and iOS.

This database comes with its database and doesn’t rely on any key-value stores.

The realm is one of the most widely used React Native local databases because it handles extensive data and helps in developing high-quality applications.

Here are the benefits of Realm database for React Native-

  • Realm has a sync service which operates in the background and saves all the user interactions and requests locally.
  • The realm is the right database choice for those looking for implementing an offline-first structure for app development.
  • Realm uses multiple encryption standards for different mobile platform.

Firebase Database

2. Firebase

Firebase database is a Google-owned react Native local database having NoSQL. If your mobile application is more into offline data updating and synchronization, Firebase might be the right database solution for you.

It can manage MVC-based React Native apps that have high data requirements.

It has several features performance tracking tools that help in assessing the bugs in the application. Firebase gives you full access to data removal from the Google server.

Here are the benefits of firebase database-

  • Firebase database syncs the data in real-time for all the clients. This is an essential feature as it is advantageous when the app does offline because of a slow connection.
  • This database caches the data on devices to offer access to users
  • It helps in synchronizing the data through different platforms.

SQLite Database

3. SQLite

SQLite database is another critical and beneficial database for React Native app and is used by several React Native developers worldwide. It was designed to provide local storage to React Native apps.

As the name suggests, SQLite is a lightweight library which requires minimal setup. You can easily integrate SQLite within the mobile applications for directly assessing the database.

Here are the benefits of SQLite local database-

  • It is an ACID-compliant database which implements SQL standards. This architecture has a file-based library and has several tools to handle all the data with much ease.
  • This database allows the offline persistence in-app using the storage
  • Since this database is an ACID-compliant, it executes nearly all the other SQL standards.

Watermelon DB

4. Watermelon DB

The purpose of watermelon DB is to optimize the React Native databases. It provides excellent performance to database as it is built on the top of SQLite.

Watermelon DB can manage thousands of records within a few minutes.

Watermelon DB is built to create tricky apps which focus on real-world performance. It also manages data with slow end devices very well.

Here are some of the benefits of watermelon DB-

  • Highly cached and multithreaded async functions
  • Static typing with flow
  • Simple data plugging
  • Helps in building apps on SQLite foundation

Vasern Database

5. Vasern

Vasern is one of the most lightweight and fast open-source databases for app development. It is one of the best and widely used databases as well.

Vasern API is used for local as well as cloud storage and syncing. Several open-source databases have inspired the design and structure of Vasern.

Here are the benefits of Vasern-

  • It is a fast operating database
  • Offers friendly end-to-end database synchronization
  • Vasern is a robust open-source database
  • Principal focus is on React Native’s app performance.

This was the list of the best database of React Native in the current time. These are the most preferred and widely used databases globally, now used by millions of React Native developers.

There are various React Native databases available, but you have to choose the right database for app development. The mobile app database you choose will result in the performance of the apps.


You can contact Metizsoft Solutions, a React Native app development company for your next project. We have years of experience in developing high-quality React Native apps using the best local database.

We will help you to choose the most suitable database for React Native app and help you establish your mobile app successfully. Talk to us to know more.

React Native Database: Choose The Right Database To Let Your App Work Smooth

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