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What are The Top Trends of Android to Develop Mobile Apps in 2020?

The mobile app industry is rapidly growing with each passing day. We live in a digitally advanced world. When we talk about mobile, the word ‘Android’ definitely comes to our minds. In recent years, Android has acquired the majority of the market share of Smartphones. Android is leading the operating system with its amazing features and functionality.

To discuss the top Android app trends in 2020, we first have to discuss what is an Android app.

So, what is an Android app? 

So basically, an Android app is a software application which runs on android platform. An Android app is for mobile devices, a tablet or a PC running on the Android OS. Android apps are available to download from Google play store.

Many Android apps are downloaded and used by millions of users worldwide. All of these apps have specific features and many different Android app trends which make them unique and highly functional.

As we know, there are many Android users, and all of them look for new features, there are many Android trends that are emerging.

We are going to throw light on some of the emerging and top trends of Android application development that you should look for in 2020.

Let us begin discussing the top trends of Android app development in 2020.

Android Instant Apps 

Google first introduced instant app technology in 2016. With google play instant, Android users can tap to try out an app or game without skipping the installation process.

The instant app does not require users to download the apps; they are simple to use as a website and operated directly from the cloud.

These instant apps don’t take up space in your cell phone, and therefore, you can use them without any installation. Instant apps are some of the Android app trends that you can go for in 2020.

Android Apps Architecture 

Android architecture works as a good starting point to build stable Android apps. With better architecture, developers will be able to build apps with less boilerplate code and will focus more on the code that makes the apps unique.

Android Application Architecture will also help the Android app development community to build stable apps and clear the confusion regarding the idle pattern such as MVP, MVC or MVVM. The Android app architecture is one such Android development 2020 that can be beneficial for you.

Advancement of IoT

As we know, there is advancement in almost every field and trend, IoT isn’t staying back. The internet of things technology is growing so fast, and we can expect to have six active connections by 2025.

The internet of things is based on the connectivity of the devices that allow them to interact and connect.

For Android development, IoT is an essential factor to consider as in upcoming time, IoT is going to emerge like never before. Therefore, IoT is one Android Application trend to look forward to in 2020 and the years ahead.

Android enterprise

Android devices are the most used and preferred devices in many enterprises for work today. A report shows that Android enterprise establishes best practices of Android app in the enterprise ecosystem. It also provides control over apps and data owned by various businesses.

This program provides APIs and other tools for developers which offers support for Android into enterprise mobility management solutions.

Using Android for enterprises can benefit your business and help you manage business solutions with much ease.

Cloud-based mobile apps 

A cloud application is a software program designed to access the internet. There is a high demand for cloud technology, and therefore, android specialists and Android developers are paying attention to developing more and more cloud-based applications.

This technology lessens the load to get the access of data by various kind of devices.

3 features of cloud-based apps are-

  • Improved security
  • more space for data
  • flexibility

You can take maximum benefits of Android app by using this trend this year and in the years to come.

Android jetpack 

We cannot miss Android jetpack while discussing the Android app trends 2020. Android jetpack puts all the existing support libraries, architectures to cope with app management, back compatibility etc.

One of the main benefits of Android jetpack is that it allows the apps to run on all the Android versions of the Android platforms. Moreover, it also supports cross-platform app development.

Seamless mode of payment 

Did you know that people download Android app more than iOS? Yes, that’s true. But you also must know that when it comes to revenue, Google is leading. Google is looking to eliminate the revenue gap by introducing an innovative way for users to pay for the apps in cash.

It has launched a new program called “pending transaction” which lets the users pay without any credit card or any other mode of online or digital payment.

Users prefer free-to-play games instead of paid downloads because of non- availability of credit cards. Seamless or easy mode of payment seems like one of the most emerging trends for Android app.

Which of the mentioned trends are you going to use? 

As we know with each year, many new trends come in the market with the rapidly increasing advancement in technology. There has been a revolutionary change in the Android app development since the past few years, and it is only going to grow with time.

Google is looking for constant advancement with a fast-paced unified experience, which aims to deliver excellent customer satisfaction. It is necessary to take the benefits of latest Android trends 2020 to meet customer needs and satisfaction.

Are you looking for an Android application development company? 

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Hire Android app developer from Metizsoft will help you leverage the latest technology trends in Android development. Get in touch with us to know more. If you want to add any Android trends, you can do so in the comment section below.

What are The Top Trends of Android to Develop Mobile Apps in 2020?

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