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We are 8 Years Old! Let’s Walk Down the Memory Lane and Cherish all these Years!

First of all, we like to congratulate the whole Metizsoft team on completion of a glorious 8 years!

We have completed 8 glorious years in the field of information technology. We started with just an idea and now we are here. Through these years, one thing that has remained constant is our quality services and our gist of improving ourselves in order to fulfil customers’ needs and requirements.

Metizsoft’s journey has been an amazing and memorable one. With each passing year, we have evolved and improved and we are grateful for all those who have trusted us all these years. These eight years would not have been successful without the efforts of our skilled team.

Seeing the company growing in front of your eyes feels fantastic but this doesn’t come easy. We have achieved great heights but have also faced great challenges but we didn’t give up. We are a renowned name today all because of the years of hard work and dedication put into the work by the organization in order to remain competitive in the industry.

From 8 to infinity…!

Although every anniversary is special and demands a great celebration this year, we are a lot more excited as we have achieved various milestones this year and have established Metizsoft as a leading eCommerce development company in India as well as overseas. We are expanding our business operations and entering into new markets for better opportunities.

When we rotate the figure ‘8’ to right, it makes the symbol of ‘infinity’ and we hope Metizsoft achieves greater heights for infinite years to come.

What makes Metizsoft one of the best companies over all these years?

Metizsoft has achieved a lot in all these years and has established itself as one of the most trusted eCommerce companies. At this occasion of the eighth anniversary, let us look at some of the best things that define Metizsoft-

Let’s begin from the Beginning

Metizsoft came into existence on 1st April 2012. It was the vision of Mr. Chetan Sheladiya and Mr. Manthan Bhavsar that became the pillars of this dynamic company. Both of them dedicatedly worked to give this company a name and recognition that it deserved.

Later on, when employees joined, the company that was started by two individuals became a family and today it has a team of 50+ employees. Today after 8 years, we can successfully claim that it operates worldwide and has clients from around the globe who trust us.

Now, let’s talk about the Stars of Metizsoft

What is a business without assets? Metizsoft Solutions shine bright in the wider world because of its stars, i.e, it’s employees. The core strength of Metizsoft is the individuals who work here. It’s because of the constant efforts and dedication of our employees that we have excelled in the industry.

team metiz

Positive Work Environment

The work environment at Metizsoft is quite cool. All the employees work together as a family and which makes a lively environment within the work walls of Metizsoft. A healthy work environment matters a lot for the growth of the business as well as employees’ satisfaction.

Happy & Satisfied Clients Over the Years

We have worked for many clients in these 8 years. We were successful in retaining the trust of clients from across the globe and maintain friendly relationships with them. We have made many friends in all these years and have many satisfied clients in our list.

The Big Vision for Future

Metizsoft believes that when you put your 100% efforts, the hard work always pays off. Our vision is not just limited to creating powerful and feature-filled websites, apps and stores but we always look forward to experimenting and create out-of-the-box apps and stores and create something that echoes the values we always believe in.

For us, Happiness Matters the Most!

We believe that laughter is the best medicine. We ensure that we keep our employees as well as our clients happy. We keep the environment in the office lively by engaging with each other by laughing together in break time. We believe that you will give your best when you are genuinely happy and therefore we make sure that the work we do don’t bore us.

We are Great Learners

We always believe in learning and keep ourselves updated with the latest and most updated technology. We learn from our mistakes (which are very less btw) and try to improve, always. Our developers and designers are great learners who show full enthusiasm in learning whatever new comes in the IT world.

What’s next for us?

As we are successfully celebrating 8 years anniversary, we have great plans for the future. We have to keep up with the growing and advanced technology and condition ourselves to give the best possible services in any given condition. We completely believe in the saying, “honesty is the best policy” and we remain true to our values as a company.

We have high hopes for an even greater success of our company and we work towards achieving it together with a positive frame of mind.

happy 8th anniversary

So, what are our plans for our 8th Work Anniversary?

We wanted to make this day the most memorable for our team one, therefore; we wanted to celebrate our 8th work anniversary with Metizsoft family with loads of fun but due to the current lockdown because of COVID-19 virus, unfortunately, we will not be able to celebrate it together. Right now being responsible citizens of India, we are staying at our homes and contributing to breaking the chain of the virus.

On the occasion of our 8th work anniversary, Metizsoft Team is going to wear their Metizsoft t-shirts provided by the company and we will all have a team zoom video call. We will wish each other and chat for a while. This will enlighten the mood of the Metizsoft team and bring all of us together, (online of course.) This year, we will celebrate it like this but it will be worth it because staying at home is the most important right now.

We are 8 Years Old! Let’s Walk Down the Memory Lane and Cherish all these Years!

Manthan Bhavsar

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