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Enjoying The Essence of Navratri Together with Metizsoft Fellows

So far 2016 has been a great year for Metizsoft.

With lots of great happenings around since the beginning of the year including our trip to San Francisco, shifting on to an improved and spacious workplace, successful completion of some really challenging and immense projects, successful completion of 16,000+ UpWork Hours, and last but not the least- the upcoming trip to Dubai for the first time; we have been experiencing a roller coaster ride since the inception of this year.

In between this ride, we often tend to rest a bit, and when it comes to Navratri to the right, our culture does not allow us to rest peacefully; instead, we light up our enthusiasm and turn our energy switches to festival mode!

This is on behalf of the whole Metizsoft Family thanking cordially the Management and Directors of Metizsoft for arranging a really amazing Garba Night program at Meri Ment Club for all the fellows.

We are grateful for being a part of Metizsoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. And we wish to continue our journey fluently alongside taking this organization to the spot it deserves to be at.

We also thank our fellows for co-coordinating and contributing equally well to make this event joyous and relaxing.

Precisely, the affair was organized on the night of 7th of October at Meri Ment club, Ahmedabad, where all the Metizians collectively played Garba and enjoyed the essence of Navratri wholeheartedly keeping aside all the worries and burden.

Enjoying The Essence of Navratri Together with Metizsoft Fellows

Manthan Bhavsar

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