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Top 5 BigCommerce Payment Gateways: The Key To Secure Ecommerce Transactions

BigCommerce has gained immense popularity in the past few years as one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for building eCommerce apps. BigCommerce is an excellent way of creating a retail web store and online store for selling your products. BigCommerce offers various extensive features, including customer groups and segmentation, search engine optimization, and much more.

Among the many excellent features of BigCommerce, one notable feature is the multiple payment gateways it offers for secure and hassle-free payments.

You might need to spend a lot of time setting up a secure payment gateway to make payments easily without any security issues. Secure online payment is one of the significant parts of BigCommerce app customization.

There are hundreds of payment gateways available, but not all of them are worth it. However, some payment gateways are worth trying. There are several benefits of payment gateways as they help the eCommerce apps deliver an exceptional and valuable service to their customers.

Let’s set our focus on discussing the top 5 BigCommerce payment gateways that will make the payments secure and hassle-free.

PayPal Payment Gateway

1. PayPal 

PayPal is a payment aggregator with a gateway offering- PayFlow. BigCommerce offers native integration with PayPal in over 45 countries. BigCommerce’s integration with PayPal has various plans to choose from.

PayPal is the most widely used BigCommerce payment gateway out there, and it has many advantages that make it a popular payment gateway among eCommerce businesses.

Pros Of PayPal

  • Unique integration
  • A reputable and secure payment gateway
  • PayPal operates in more than 190 markets globally
  • PayPal allows to set up a personal account along with the business account
  • PayPal is available to around 200 countries and regions

Cons Of PayPal 

  • PayPal charges you to receive money
  • Chargebacks are expensive with Paypal.
  • With PayPal, it takes a while for your money to clear and reflect in a bank account
  • PayPal has harsh currency conversion rates

Stripe Payment Gateway

2. Stripe 

Stripe is a tough competitor of PayPal. It specializes in providing online payment processing for internet businesses. Stripe tends to be a popular alternative benefits of payment gateway to PayPal. Many eCommerce business owners and developers recognize Stripe as an excellent option for a payment gateway.

Stripe’s extensive features like API documentation, out-of-the-box eCommerce shopping cart integrations, and various other programming languages make this payment gateway an essential and extremely useful, and versatile payment gateway.

Pros Of Stripe

  • it offers versatile payment options
  • Stripe is available in 42 countries
  • It has competitive processing fees compared to industry standards
  • it is well suited for large firms
  • It offers one-click checkout
  • Stripe protects businesses against frauds

Cons Of Stripe

  • Its processing time is slower than PayPal
  • it has a lot of information that might confuse the users
  • Stripe doesn’t have affiliate programs
  • Resolving a Stripe dispute can take a long time

Square Payment Gateway

3. Square 

Square is yet another payment method that provides efficient online payment services. Square markets itself as a fantastic option for anyone selling in person as well as online through its eCommerce range.

Square has several security features due to its PCI-compliant and end-to-end encryption. Its main strength lies in its ease of use and simplicity. Square is separate from Squarespace, but these two platforms can be integrated.

Pros Of Square

  • Square is an excellent option for low volume merchants
  • it is easy to set up and quick to access
  • The contactless card reader is helpful for door-to-door and market sales reps
  • It offers online store building functionality
  • It has simple invoicing

Cons Of Square

  • Its flat rates make it an expensive option for high volume merchants
  • Square’s customer service is not as ideal as its competitors
  • The time of submitting proof of payment documentation is very limited
  • Square’s processing fee is high
  • Multi-currency selling is not available on Square Payment Gateway

 4. Authorize.Net is another online solution offering BigCommerce payment gateway services to millions of users globally. Under this, the merchants can set up an account that can be used to accept card payments, contactless payments, and e-checks.

Other payment types in this payment gateway include debit cards and other digital payment methods. has reassuring security features that offer fraud protection in velocity filters, SAQ-A level compliance, IP filters, and much more. is widely regarded as one of the best payment gateways for BigCommerce and is a reputable and secure payment solution.

Pros Of Authorize.Net

  • it doesn’t have any hidden fees and is reasonably priced
  • net allows a mobile option and provides access to transaction data anywhere
  • net provides satisfactory customer service
  • net is a good payment option for billing and building account reports
  • It has a solid sandbox environment conducive to testing

Cons Of Authorize.Net

  • In, you cannot adjust security features optimally
  • website design is poor in
  • In, some pages are cluttered, which makes managing the transaction challenging
  • it has high setup fees
  • net API is outdated
  • Its UI is slightly challenging to use

2Checkout Payment Gateway

5. 2Checkout 

2Checkout payment gateway is yet another BigCommerce custom payment gateway that can help business owners tackle the complexities of digital commerce globally.

2checkout offers a payment gateway called 2sell that accepts nearly all the major credit card payments, including Mastercard, Visa card, American Express, JCB, etc. This is one of the best payment gateways for BigCommerce and can be used for secure payments.

Pros Of 2Checkout

  • It supports 15 languages and 100 currencies
  • With 2checkout, users can create their own checkout page
  • you can integrate this payment gateway with 120 eCommerce platforms
  • It offers a customer-friendly shopping experience
  • It provides shopping cart templates and tools to boost conversions

Cons Of 2Checkout

  • It has a lengthy approval system
  • 2Checkout’s fraud protection requires improvement

Mentioned above were some of the tops and most widely used BigCommerce payment gateways used by millions of developers globally. If you are planning to launch your business online this year, you can consider these custom payment gateways for easy and smooth payments.

For a business to run successfully, the benefits of a payment gateway matter the most. Be smart and choose the right payment gateway for your business.

How Can We Help?

Metizsoft Solutions is a BigCommerce development company having experience and expertise in developing high-quality and robust BigCommerce apps with the right payment gateway for secure payments. We help you choose the right BigCommerce payment gateway so that the customers don’t find it difficult or inconvenient to shop from your website or app.

To learn more about our BigCommerce development services, reach out to us and discuss your business idea with us. We will help you with the best solutions always.

Top 5 BigCommerce Payment Gateways: The Key To Secure Ecommerce Transactions

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