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OpenCart Development : B2B Application

In OpenCart Development, If you are looking for a platform to deal with your B2B (business-to-business) transactions then OpenCart is the most excellent eCommerce solutions for you.

B2B Portal is one of the major ways to increase your product sales online. It gives you benefits like:

Integrate The Partner with B2B Application

OpenCart development is an eCommerce solution that can help online business owners to create an energetic and cost-effective eCommerce Website for their products.

OpenCart development is a powerful tool that offers a user-friendly and features rich design that enhances your online store’s B2B transactions. There are many features that can be used by OpenCart for B2B Application some of are listed below.

  • Customer Groups

Classify different customers groups such as default, retail or wholesale and set different prices for each group.

  • Logged In Display Prices

Set your store to display prices to only logged in customers.

  • Quantity Discount

Set price breaks depending on the quantity of being ordered by the customer. You can set the quantity discount to work with the customer groups so you can set different quantity discounts for each group.

OpenCart can also help us in setting price discounts depending on the quantity ordered by customers. We can easily set quantity discounts to work with different customer groups that we defined earlier. This allows setting different quantity discounts for each group.

Our expertise:

B2B portal development :
  • Business To Business Portal Development
  • B2B Website Development
  • Application Development
  • Modern B2B portal design
  • Portal maintenance
  • End-to-End B2B portal solutions

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OpenCart Development : B2B Application

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