5 “Bread & Butter” Things To Consider Before Developing A PhoneGap/Corva App

Hybrid app development has been the star now for most of the companies, as its certainly making its name for its robust features. The hybrid apps can certainly reduce the time and cost for development, as it enables developers to use web technologies from a single code base. When talking about hybrid app development, how we can forget big names like Flutter App development.

In this era, the PhoneGap/Corva development is surely quite alluring. Utilize the existing HTML/JS/CSS skills to assemble cross-platform mobile applications for iOS/Android. Moreover, the platform helps you to update all the existing code base for all platforms rather than maintaining different repositories. Meanwhile discussing the highlights of this platform, let’s focus on the things you should consider prior to developing a hybrid mobile app.

Maybe you would be busy considering the features you want now and how look and code should be! That’s great, but give a break and consider the future and potential scope of your app. We are telling you this because in the market you will find most apps that worked as viable products but bombed as a more robust application.

Yes! Most of the managers have dropped a bombshell that their hybrid mobile app, which took them to market, should be put down and replaced with a native app. Moreover, down in the dumps, most of the companies can afford to rebuild their app entirely. The more regrettable thing to see is when most companies stick to their prohibitive hybrid app, rather than rebuilding natively.

  • Umm. Which Plugins To Opt For?


Plugins are the magic wand for any Cordova app. Yes, as Cordova is equipped with least set of APIs, a wrap of plugins helps to add value to any app. Cordova Plugin Registry will give you an idea about the existing plugins. The basic set of “Blessed” Cordova plugins gives you access to Battery, Camera, Dialog, Geolocation, and much more, and these are usually accessible across all supported platforms.

Though there other party plugins which will serve you with extra functionality like native sharing, analytic, and other device-specific capabilities. Hence, be sure that you are aware of the plugins available on platforms you may want or need in your app.

  • Oops! You Have to Choose The Wrong Hybrid Framework

We are certainly aware of the fact that native apps have very well established and well-structured technology stack. At the same time, hybrid apps are created with the help of numerous app frameworks. Most of them are similar and it would be tough to choose a hybrid app built with just one framework and rebuild with another. Hence, ensure while choosing your project’s framework.

These days, taking any decision regarding the framework is difficult. We are not sure if all these frameworks will be maintained in the upcoming years. Either you will lose market share or it may become costly. Hence, when you choose the framework to be sure about betting its future success.

  • Form Factors, What Should I Consider About It?

Do thinking about form factors serves you with a list of questions?

Just the mobile phone or tablet form factors? Responsive or universal experience?

Yes, questions are important, as it can offer a completely new overview to your designer, developer and tester resource requirements for a given project. Each form-factor will set a new effort for designers and developers.

Moreover, with the new form factor effort, it will create a new level of testing effort for each platform version. In other words, a project having three supported version and two form factors will have six levels of the testing effort.

We hope the article offered you the points to consider prior to beginning with hybrid development. Don’t forget to think about the restrictions offered by hybrid development. Mobile app development includes a lot of planning, testings, and iteration, so plan accordingly.

In case if you are planning to build a PhoneGap app Development, you can consult us at any clock. We would be happy to hear your requirements.

5 “Bread & Butter” Things To Consider Before Developing A PhoneGap/Corva App

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