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Do You Want To Build Secure Mobile App For Your Business? Here’s How You Can Do It

Suppose you are in public place today. Just look around. What do you find? People & mobile phones, right?

“Mirror mirror on the wall, Mobile mobile everywhere”

In this technology realm, the businesses are going mobile to fortify the position in the market with the goal to improve and increase brand awareness.

  • The Statistics Reveal

  • 80% of internet users own a smartphone
  • 26% of customers start mobile research with a branded app
  • Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites
  • Over 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up.

(Resource From – Mobile Marketing Analytic)

Certainly, we can say there are too billions of apps trying hard to get users. But with the increase in mobile apps, another threat is looming large.

It is the security vulnerability of hackers and intruders. These days’ mobile apps are used for several purposes where security is a crucial consideration.

From securing your financial information while banking through a mobile app or safeguarding personal data while providing personal data or transactions in eCommerce apps, you are reasonably concerned about data security with mobile apps.

This is why any mobile app development company should take this concern more seriously than ever before.

  • Do Security Glitches Really Take A Negative Effect On The Brand?

If you are a mobile app developer the first question that you should ask to what extent the security threats and vulnerabilities really affect a business brand.

Let us have a look at some of the ways security glitches can take drastic effects on a brand.

  • Through security, flaws malware can take entry inside the app or device and thereby can have unsolicited access to user data.
  • Through an app with a security flaw, fraudulent activities like identity theft can be more common.
  • Such flaws can end up creating a mess of corresponding privacy and intellectual property rights of the users.

The bottom line is you need to prevent such flaws at any cost. Here are some effective ways to do this.

  • Securing The App Code

Most security flaws occur from faulty code lines, broken codes and lack of measures like encryption. You need to secure the app code with strong encryption.

By using the latest algorithms coupled up with API encryption you can secure the code completely.

To ensure that the code of the app is secure from any threat you need to test and put the app source code under the scanner.

The last piece of advice would be not ignoring the user experience while ensuring security measures. Ensure measures so that runtime memory, performance, and power usage are not affected by security measures.

  • Securing Network Connectivity

The security threats that come from remote servers and cloud servers should be prevented by strict security protocols.

Use encrypted containers for data storage to prevent unsolicited access and malware attack through the network.

Assessing the security flaws of the network is important and hence tests the servers and cloud networks to ensure trustworthy security.

  • Provide Stronger Security Cover At The API Level

For mobile app development process APIs remains at the core and so, more than anything else you need to ensure stronger security covers for app APIs.

The API must be provided a complete security arrangement with a stack of code corresponding to user authentication, identification, and finally user authorization for different actions and data access.


Certainly, security cannot be the same with every different type of app. It depends on the type of information being shared, the level of vulnerability and complexity of establishing security protocols without really downplaying the user experience and app performance.

So, the security considerations for a local store app will be completely different than an app for a large bank or retailer.

“Guard the future communication Hub – mobile today”

Guaranteeing the security of your user’s information will develop trust for your users and make it more appealing. We help you to develop and gain trust with our robust mobile application development.

Hire a developer to develop a secure mobile app.

Do You Want To Build Secure Mobile App For Your Business? Here’s How You Can Do It

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