The New Flutter 2.2 Release- Here’s all you need to know about it.

Google announced Flutter 2.2, the latest version of their cross-platform app development framework, in a recent Google I/O event. The new version has many features to look forward to. The new Flutter version has come up with exciting improvements such as deferred Android components, iOS performance improvements, null safety feature by default, improvements in desktop and dev tools, etc.

It has been a couple of months since the release of the new version, but it has already come up with several improvements. These improvements are going to have an incredible impact on the overall performance of Flutter.

There is a lot to know about the new Flutter 2.2 version, about its features, functionalities, and how it is better than the previous version.

In this blog, we will take a deep look at the Flutter 2.2 features and how these features will impact the future of Flutter 2.2.

Let us now see what the hype is all about, and the new and improved features Flutter 2.2 offers. Let us begin with the features now.

  • Dart 2.13

Flutter 2.2 has come up with Dart 2.13 release. This new dart feature contains a new type alias that allows the developers to create aliases for various functions. It also includes Dart FFI and updates on the null safety feature. The best thing about this type of alias is that it passes the type quality test.

  • Type alias

With this new feature, you can create a new name for any existing type and use this name instead of the existing type. Before Dart 2.13, users could create a type alias for the function, and now it’s extended to the variable type.

  • Dart FFI

FFI is a mechanism for calling C code. FFI has come up with a new feature in which the user can wrap the inline array directly in the Dart. Dart 2.13 also includes other changes related to performance improvement and reduce the space consumed by the program.

  • Null Safety Update

If you create a project using the new Flutter 2.2, the project will be generated with a null safety update. Most of the plugins of Flutter are migrated to null safety as it is safe to migrate the app to sound null safety.

Apart from these features, Google has brought two more things in the Flutter 2.2 release. Let’s see what these two things are that Google has highlighted in the recent release.

  • Flutter For Tizen-

The first is Flutter for Tizen. Tizen is an open-source Linux-based operating system that Samsung uses in its devices such as TVs and smartwatches. Usually, you can develop apps using Javascript or C++. Samsung has been working hard to build an extension for the Flutter SDK to let the developers build Tizen apps.

Tizen is still at the testing stage, but it seems quite promising and is expected to expand Flutter’s reach.

  • Flutter For UWP-

UWP stands for universal windows platform and is used to build some modern-type apps in Windows 10. UWP supports the development of more native-looking web applications for windows.

Desktop Updates of the New Release of Flutter 2.2.

1. Custom Text Actions

The new Flutter release extended its support to a number of platforms with different input types. In this release, users have the freedom to customize the keystrokes associated with the text actions.

This new desktop feature of Flutter 2.2 opens up endless possibilities for the Flutter app developers in the future. This new feature allows the users to send a message with the enter key and allows them to insert a line via CTRL+ ENTER.

2. Automatic Scrolling

Another impressive feature of Flutter 2.2 is that whenever the content exceeds the screen height, a scrollbar will be added automatically. Prior to this release, there was no automatic scrolling feature in Android and iOS.

The developer had to add the scrollbar manually before the release, but now there’s no such need. With this feature, Flutter also introduced customization for the scrollbar UI.

3. Payments And Monetization

Flutter 2.2 has come up with a new plugin to add Google pay in Android and ios apps. It also allows adding new ad formats via Google mobile Ads SDK. With the help of this plugin, it becomes easy to implement the payment process on both platforms.

With the help of this payment and monetization feature, it has become significantly easier to monetize the app through in-app purchases, payments, ads, etc.

4. Windows UWP Apps

UWP apps run on a vast range of devices where standard windows apps don’t run, including Xbox. To enable UWP support in the app project, you have to switch the Dev channels and set up the pre-requisites.

5. Dev Tools

The development tools are as necessary as the end product, which helps the developers to build error-free apps. The new Flutter 2.2 features have introduced two memory tracking improvements and a new tab for the ‘provider’ plugin.

These memory tracking improvements enable the developers to track down the objects as they are allocated efficiently. It becomes really easy for the developers to find a memory leak in the code with the help of these tools.

These were the new Flutter 2.2 features included in the recently released Flutter 2.2 cross-platform app development framework. The new Flutter 2.2 will have a great impact on its overall performance.

The new features will bring a lot of change to the overall functioning and help the developers develop great web applications in the future.

Wrapping up!

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The New Flutter 2.2 Release- Here’s all you need to know about it.

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