Pros & Cons of SSL Implementation for Magento

Magento is a secure platform that powers thousands of online eCommerce websites and digital platform. It is popular because of its cost-effectiveness, flexibility and security features.

Magento supports all major shipping modules and allows a business process to run smoothly without restricting the flow of any given business.

Magento Development Company is at par in meeting up with all these services that are beneficial for the security of business and digital platforms.

Let’s see how Magento Development Company surpasses all the barriers and emerges as a winner in providing reliable and competitive services to the users.

Features of Magento SSL Implementation :

  • Magento Team:

The team is full of talented developers that give an exact required eCommerce website for the business. Magento Development Company prepares custom-made templates that are used by various business processes.

  • Business Growth:

Magento Development Company offers shopping carts that are scalable. The developers help in managing the business well and offer a smooth transition if someone is planning for a big business plan from a medium one.

  • Price and Quality at Its Best:

Magento Development Company promises to offer the best quality at reasonable prices in the market. The prices meet up with the quality and standard expectations.

Why Is SSL Being Implemented For Magento?

Lately, Google has announced that the serving sites over HTTPS will become a ranking signal for the search engine. So now, more and more people are interested in buying an SSL certificate for their websites. HTTPS is a secure version of the HTTP protocol whereas SSL is Secure Socket Layer.

HTTP is used to encrypt a connection between the client and the server. SSL is used to verify the identity of the server via a certificate which helps in encrypting and signing data.

So for a security certificate and encrypting data, SSL is implemented for Magento. However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of implementing SSL for Magento. Let’s take a look at the advantages first:

Advantages of Implementing SSL:

  • Data Integrity: 

    If the data is sent in a clear form, then it is highly possible for hackers or third parties to easily read that data and hack a connection or a website. This will prove harmful to the business. SSL makes this sort of communication safe and it is difficult for the third party to pull off the data. It saves the user’s data and provides privacy to e-commerce.

  • Identity Verification: 

    The certification system of SSL ensures that the sensitive data sent by the user is safe and it will be sent to a safe place. It is far away from the approach of the malicious party.

  • Reliability: 

    The security provided by SSL is trustworthy so more and more users are opting for it and this, in turn, gives confidence to the users.

Disadvantages of Implementing SSL:

  • SSL Certification: 

    To imply SSL on the website, it is necessary to buy the certification. The prices vary from domain to domain and also on the level of identification.

  • Mixed Modes: 

    Many websites who have implemented SSL, sends a pop-up when a browser is not safe to click on. This data might be forwarded by a third-party server. This might impact a website as users may not visit the website due to safety issues.

  • Proxy Caching: 

    The caching problem should be resolved completely though it has declined over the years. Testing is required in this case to get rid of proxy caching. Caching should be replaced by the content distribution networks, works perfectly well with SSL.

Pros & Cons of SSL Implementation for Magento

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