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What is a Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platform & Why this is Important? Let’s Get The Insights.

A multi-vendor eCommerce platform is an online marketplace wherein many sellers can get registered, create their profiles, and add products they want to sell. One of the best examples of current multi-vendor platforms is Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc.

Why is the multi-vendor eCommerce platform important?

Well, the multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace has many benefits for its users and vendors.

This platform provides a hassle-free process by which the vendors could easily upload and manage their products in an effortless manner. This kind of platform is cost-effective and has a super web presence.

E-commerce is a rapidly growing industry and has occupied a significant share of purchasing nowadays. This industry always encourages new ideas and approaches to help the dealers increase their sales.

Let’s understand what feature this kind of platform should have and what are their benefits?

multi-vendors ecommerce marketplace

Enchanting Design

The design is the heart of this type of product. There are the critical criteria a plan should consist of to meet the market expectations.

  • Responsiveness: The design should be responsive enough so that it can be easy to use on each device. It would reduce the human effort, and one can manage/use the product from anywhere.
  • Separate seller and buyer dashboards: The dashboard should be the difference for both buyers and sellers so that data formatting and centralization could be up to the mark.
  • Featured projects: The UI should have featured projects to get the benefits and enhance the ROI as per marker standard.

Generic Features

The system would have some common features, and those features would be applicable globally for everyone who is using the system. These features are:

  • Signup/Login: New users will create an account, and the existing users/admin will directly be logged in to the application with their credentials.
  • Forgot Password: Password can be reset with this feature
  • Multilingual: The product would support multiple languages so that it would be usable across the world.
  • Ecommerce integration: This feature will allow the users to shop on the platform of their desired products along with secure checkout and shipping methods.

Product Management Feature

This is the essential feature of the application, which allows the user to feel the seamlessness of the platform. In this category, there are several features like:

  • Product Catalog: By this feature, the product catalog can be added within a very hassle freeway.
  • Import/Export: This feature will allow the user to upload the products in bulk quantity on the system within a proper format.
  • Tax management: The tax management would be a viral feature by this the standard tax would be automatically calculated and will showcase in the invoice.
  • Stock Management: By this feature, the stock could be calculated and therefore, can analyze whatever is remaining in the stock
  • Rewards/Discounts: This feature would allow the vendor to associate some rewards with the product to increase sales.
  • Admin Module: These features will enable the vendors/owners to make things feasible to meet the market requirements. Moreover, all manager/admin activity could be performed with these features.

User Management

This feature would manage all users associated with the application with different roles like store owners/vendors/customers.

  • Multi-vendor management: Multiple vendors could be registered with the app and sell their products. Each vendor will assign a different from where he/she can manage the respective inventory.
  • Discount coupon Management: This feature will allow adding a discount on a specific product in terms of percentage or a fixed amount discount. The same will reflect on the frontend to the user.
  • Multi-Currency: With this feature, the application will start accepting multi currencies so that the app could be used in different territories.
  • Payment Integration: This feature will allow the system to integrate and take multiple payment gateways like Authorize.Net, PayPal, stripe, etc.

Marketing Features

These features will enable your application to get emerged with the market trend and achieve the set goal. These Features are:

  • PPC Advertisements: Enable marketers to post advertisements on your website and earn taxation for every click.
  • Affiliate Module: Construct a more significant name for your label and a more compelling user base through affiliate marketing.
  • Blogs: This feature will engage the audience to come to the website and read some relevant and useful content.
  • Social Media Sharing: This feature will allow sharing the products on social media, and therefore, the presence across the globe will get increased.
  • Product Recommendation: Behind this feature, a smart algorithm would work which retrieves similar products as a similar one.

Super Admin Module

The super admin will be able to manage the activities on the platform entirely.

  • Vendor Management: The super admin will be able to manage all vendors and their respective firms. Super admin can block and vendor whereas can add a new one too.
  • Traffic Source: This feature will analyze from where you get the maximum traffic and squeeze the campaigns going on accordingly.
  • Visitor Statics: This feature will show the data of visitors on the website.
  • Revenue Report: The revenue report will consist of the story, which indicates the total revenue of the platform.
  • Orders: The super admin can also track all orders associated and placed on the platform.

Our on-demand multi-vendors eCommerce app comes with separate modules for vendors and customers. Moreover, we also offer a complete dashboard and backend for admin so the single portal can manage those backend things.

Which would be accessible by admin/Super admin?

App from scratch development would take approx. Cost $55,000 to $1,00,000 depends upon features.

eCommerce Mobile App Development with Metizsoft will help you exhale. We are an expert team of eCommerce developers and able to meet your bespoke requirements.

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What is a Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platform & Why this is Important? Let’s Get The Insights.

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