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Need to Move your Magento store to another hosting server? Get Experts Helps from Magento Certified developers at Metizsoft

Follow these 8 steps to move easily your Magento store to another hosting server.

  1. Login to the current site hosting server using Cpanel and create a zip
  2. Log in to PHP my admin to hosting server for database export
  3. Download the source and SQL database from a server
  4. Do reverse step for new hosting server upload the source zip file and extract there.
  5. Create a new database at the new server and import the SQL file to  replicate old server data
  6. Go to “app etc” and open the “local.xml” file and change the database credentials on (from Cpanel file manager or FTP)
  7. In the database go to table name “core_config_data” find the “base URL” and replace.
  8. Try to hit the domain URL and check its site should be live.

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