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The Effective Features that an Online Grocery Shop should have & how much does it cost to develop a Grocery Delivery Mobile App?

Nowadays, the current time is digital time so no one wants to put effort to go outside and shop. The same could go for clothes, the same goes for the same appliances. With everyone’s increasing desire to saving time and money, and for effectively organizing everyone’s daily routine, there is a lot of improvement in the trending technology. Most of the time, doing house chores becomes an unpleasant and difficult task for people. On top of that, grocery shopping disturbs their situation.

(Grocery Shopping Online Sales in the US Market From 2012 To 2021)

Online Grocery Shopping Sales in US

There are many survey reports that show more than 60% of household shoppers would rather choose shopping via their smartphones and other mobile devices. As a result, mobile app developers are taking advantage of these business opportunities.

Let’s get insights about the features that a smart Grocery Delivery mobile applications should have.

User Panel:

Grocery Delivery App Penal User Side

  • Signup/Login:

    A user should be able to create an account on the app. The user then will be able to login with registered credentials like username and password.

  • Login with social media:

    A user will be able to directly login via social media.

  • Category selection:

    After login users can choose a specific category of products for which he would like to shop. Let’s say I would like to purchase some fruits so I will choose the vegetable category.

  • Bookmark Feature:

    If the user finds any product interesting that he/she may get back then we’ll be able to mark its favorite. Later on, the user can get this product listed to favorites.

  • Add To Cart:

    Any specific product can be added to the cart. This is the checkout process. First, the user needs to add the selected products in the cart. The cart is short to beginning offline language User should be able to add multiple products to the cart at a time.

  • Multiple payment Option:

    A user should be able to pay on the app using several payment methods like a Credit card, debit card, etc. This feature will make the payment process streamlined.

  • Review and rating Feature:

    A user should be able to give reviews and ratings to any specific product. That rating will be visible to all users associated with the application.

  • Checkout Feature:

    A checkout feature is a vital feature for any marketplace application.

  • Coupons and Promotions Feature:

    A user should be able to use the offers/coupons associated with any specific product.

  • Referral Feature:

    A user should be able to refer to friends and people from the app. That referral feature should be beneficial for the users since they can get some rewards upon referral.

  • Return and Replacement Feature:

    In case the user receives any faulty product, in that case, the user should be able to raise a return or refund request from the application itself.

Admin Panel:

Admin Side Grocery mobile App

  • Login:

    Admin will be able to log in to the backend application.

  • Dashboard:

    Admin will be able to check the quick overview of the platform on the dashboard in the form of some informative data. Data could be some business figures and some other relevant information.

  • Return and Replacement Management:

    The admin will be responsible for approving or disapproving the returns, replacements, and refunds. That depends upon the customer’s request.

  • Business Reports Section:

    The admin should be able to check the business reports with respective filters and attributes.

  • User Management:

    Admin should be able to check all users associated with the application. Also, the admin will be responsible to add or remove any user from the admin panel.

  • Content management:

    All application content will be managed by the admin.

  • Payment Management:

    Admin will be able to manage all payment transactions occurring on the application. All the tax and commission related things also will be managed by clients.

  • Product Management:

    Admin should be able to add the products in bulk from the admin panel. Also, the admin will be responsible to enable or disable any product. That will depend upon the product availability.

Grocery Delivery App Panel:

There should be also a platform which helps the business from delivery prospects. This app will be able to ensure the timeline and deliveries along with the delivery confirmation. This help will be used by the delivery boy.

Technically there are a couple of third-party apps that provide end to end tracking for delivery related things.

Let’s get some insights about its features.

  • Delivery Boy Login:

    Delivery boy will be able to login to the app and all assigned orders will be displayed to him. Then he can pick the orders one by one.

  • Delivery Boy Tracker:

    The app will track the delivery boy in real-time via GPS tracking on google map when they are on the way to the customer for delivering the product.

  • Route Optimization:

    Based on the location entered by the customer’s, the application will automatically plan the shortest routes using google maps.

  • Signature Feature:

    As the delivery confirmation, this feature will allow the user to sign on the application once he receives the product.

  • Return Process from the App:

    Once the customer applies for return and the admin approves it. The delivery boy again notifies for the same and also then the product can be collected or replaced. The process would remain the same in delivery.

Development Process of Grocery Mobile App

Grocery Delivery mobile applications development process

Required Proficient Development Team Arrangement

online grocery app development team arrangement

Project Manager: Depth understanding about the project requirements & solutions also must be outfitted with administrative skills

Developers: iOS App Developers, Android App Developers, React Native App Developers

Designers: Must have depth knowledge of UX/UI & Graphic Design

Quality Analyst: Master in Good Testing and bug tracking skills

Final Outcomes

Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development could be challenging and simple as well. That depends on the feature it has and the utilities it provides. A Grocery Mobile Apps with key features that serve as an MVP or Minimum Viable Product can be anywhere between $5,000–$10,000 USD and can take between 2–3 months.

Would you like to develop a Grocery Delivery mobile app? Contact us for a free one-to-one consultation with our team of on-demand app development experts.

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The Effective Features that an Online Grocery Shop should have & how much does it cost to develop a Grocery Delivery Mobile App?

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