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Attract More Customers in the Upcoming BFCM Sale with Captivating Social Media Ads!

The BFCM shopping sale 2021 is just around the corner now, and we know you are preparing for it in full swing. Every store owner will try to make the most out of this sale and earn huge profits throughout the sale. It will be the biggest shopping sale of the year, and it’s an excellent time for the store owners to put their best efforts into making this sale a profitable one.

There are many ways to attract customers in the BFCM sale, and one such way is social media ads. Social media ads do wonders in attracting the customers to your store and encourage them to make the purchase.

What exactly is social media advertising?

Social media advertising or social media marketing is the advertisements served to users on social media platforms. As we know, the number of mobile phone users is continuously rising, and with that, people are using various social media platforms actively.

These social media platforms utilize the information to serve highly relevant advertisements based on the interactions. Several social media platforms are great for advertising and reach loyal customers.

We will talk about some of the popular platforms for social media marketing that will benefit you greatly in earning profits during the sale.

Here are some of the popular and most engaging platforms for social media advertising.

1. Instagram Advertising

Who doesn’t know the popular social media platform Instagram? Instagram has become a magnet for millions of monthly users. It has become the most popular platform after Facebook. Ever since Instagram has announced the support of business ads, millions of brands have taken advantage of it to boost their sales and earn huge profits.

The launch of Instagram ads lets the business take total control over the promo campaigns. Instagram has become a popular platform for not just sharing photos and videos but for promoting and advertising the brands. Businesses can launch their Instagram ads, and the users will visit their website through the post. Instagram business tools have benefited a lot of big and small brands in the past few years.

Don’t forget to advertise your brand and products through Instagram advertising to make the best out of BFCM sale 2021.

2. Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the biggest and the most popular platform in the social media world. It has millions of active users and the majority of the logs in several times and spends a lot of time every day on this platform. Facebook connects people, but it’s not just for making friends and socializing with each other.

Facebook is a great app for social media advertising. It is one of the best marketing tools for any business that wants to go online to promote its brand, its products, and its services.

For the upcoming BFCM sale, promoting your brand and products on Facebook will help you attract customers and earn huge profits. Prepare yourself to advertise the products by first creating a Facebook page (if you don’t have one). Facebook Ads are a highly effective marketing tactic for businesses looking to boost their sales.

Subscribe to Facebook Ads before the BFCM sale begins and attract customers to buy from your online store. This is the right time to advertise your brand on Facebook, so start your Facebook advertising today.

3. Google Ads

Google ads are a great advertising platform developed by Google. In Google Ads, advertisers bid to display their advertisements, service offerings, product listings, and much more. Google smart technology analyzes the results of advertising and makes changes to the campaign to get the best results.

Store owners can use google ads for advertising their brands for the BFCM sale and benefiting from it. Google is one of the best platforms for finding the target audience and reaching ideal customers. Thus, start advertising your brand on Google ads and attract new customers for the BFCM sale 2021.

How to monitor your Ad’s performance?

Once your campaign is live and you start advertising your products, you should analyze your campaign’s data and track essential metrics. Analyzing your advertising campaign will give you an understanding of your Ads’ performance.

Facebook has many tools to help you measure how your Ads are doing and how people have come across the ad. There is also a specific conversion pixel which lets you track the checkouts that came from Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are a fantastic way to reach out to the targeted audience and encourage them to visit your store and boost sales for your business. This sale season, prepare your brand for Facebook advertising and earn profits like a boss!


The above mentioned social media marketing platforms are quite famous and well known. There’s a high possibility of getting a lot of customers with social media advertising and marketing. You have a golden opportunity to earn huge profits with powerful and effective social media advertising in front of you.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your social media advertising campaign now, and make this shopping sale a memorable one. We wish you all the luck and a tremendous BFCM shopping sale 2021.

Attract More Customers in the Upcoming BFCM Sale with Captivating Social Media Ads!

Sweety Christian

Sweety Christian is Sr. Business Development Executive at Metizsoft Solutions, and assisting merchants to grow with the power of eCommerce. Sweety more focus on e-commerce and in particular the Shopify platform, helping merchants design, build and grow high-converting online stores. Simply, she is eCommerce lover!

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