Everything You Need To Know About These Best WooCommerce CRM Tools in 2022!

WooCommerce stores’ rise has been touching new heights in the past several years; it has become challenging for store owners to manage and operate the overall functionalities. Even experienced WooCommrce store owners have found it difficult to regularly manage their product sales, marketing, payment gateways, shipping, and inventory fillings.

That’s why the development and usage of WooCommerce CRM tools have increased immensely. And now, we have multiple WooCommerce CRM available at different prices and sizes to ease the overall eCommerce business with minimal workforce and effort.

But there’s a catch! The concept of WooCommerce CRM has been designed to ease the workload of the sales and marketing teams.

Meanwhile, so many WooCommerce CRM software is available, which has confused many small and mid-sized WooCommerce store owners in picking the best WooCommerce CRM to run their business. 

However, we have made a list of the top 6 WooCommerce CRM tools which we found the best fit for any WooCommerce store to run and manage their business without any hassle.

So here are the best WooCommerce CRM options

HubSpot CRM

Whenever you start a discussion regarding the best WooCommerce CRM amongst marketing and salespeople, HubSpot is the first name that will come to their mind.

That’s the sheer impact HubSpot has created amongst CRM users. According to the user, Hubspot offers the best CRM solutions regarding sales, marketing and customer support. 

It has a specially designed CRM for WooCommerce, which is entirely free to use, allowing you to use a wide range of marketing and sales tools to boost your WooCommerce store’s performance and revenue.  

In the HubSpot CRM for WooCommerce, you can access features like tracking your visitors and contacts through the buying cycle, email marketing, marketing automation, ready-to-use reports and analytics, and many other segments. 

HubSpot CRM Pricing

The initial range of HubSpot WooCommerce CRM pricing started at FREE of cost and increased upon adding additional features from the hubs.

The hubs starter pack starts at $45/Month, the professional pack starts at $800/Month, and the enterprise package begins at $3200/Month. 

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a flexible, easy-to-use CRM tool that can quickly integrate with WooCommerce. It provides a specific solution to WooCommerce users by making it simple to manage customer information, sales, marketing cycle and intelligent workflows. 

This CRM plugins come with their own help desk environment, where users can access canned information and reports regarding their campaigns.

Also, it has an in-built customer management system that allows you to keep track of your clients, relevant tags, and added tasks and events comprehensively. 

At last, you will find the chrome extension available where you can easily and quickly grab information regarding products, customers and clients within no time. 

Agile CRM Pricing

You can access the Agile CRM basic features for up to 10 users. You need to pay $8.99/Month for the starter package, including extra contacts and companies to track, 2-way email integrations, and advanced support.

The “Regular” package starts at $29.99/Month. And the “Enterprise” package starts at $47.99/Month. 

Zoho CRM

ZOHO is one of the leading and most reliable customer relationship management tools that offer a plethora of services and WordPress plugins to WooComerce.

You can have access to multiple hosts and APIs where you can easily track all the information and analysis of your campaigns. 

The quick tracking system gives you an inside view of the data and customer activity, enhancing your chance to create custom fields. 

One of the significant assets of ZOHO is its multiple payment gateways options. WooCommerce store owners can choose from different payment gateways options best suited to their business model.

A brand-customer portal is also available for better customer management.

Zoho CRM Pricing

The ZOHO customer relationship management starts with a FREE package, with support for multiple currencies and payment pages.

Apart from that, WooCommerce store owners can take the “Basic” package for £49/Month for 500 customers.

The “Standard” package starts at £79/Month for automated workflows, modules, and other tools. The Professional package for £199/Month with Twilio integrations, branding, and subscription metrics.

Pipedrive CRM

In search of the best WooCommerce CRM, you can’t sideline Pipedrive at any cost. The Pipedrive CRM integrates with many other apps and tools outside WooCommerce, giving users a full packed functionality to leverage customer data without any hassle. 

Small business owners can take advantage of features like quotes, proposals, and lead scoring to attract customers.

The Pipedrive is the best choice for beginners and small and mid-sized WooCommerce store owners to expand their business locally and globally comprehensively.

Pipedrive CRM Pricing

Apart from the initial FREE trials, the “Essential” plan of Pipedrive starts at £12.50/Month, only when you pay annually.

The “Advanced” package begins at £24.90/Month. Finally, with additional performance-boosting tools, the Professional package starts at £49.90/Month, and the Enterprise package starts at £99/Month. 

Drip CRM

With access to intelligent marketing campaign tools, advanced email segmentation, and even pre-built eCommerce playbooks, Drips holds a decent WooCommerce customer base and is known as the “eCommerce revenue generation engine” amongst marketers. 

It offers a host of advanced features and channel support that you won’t find in many other CRM platforms to set multiple marketing campaigns and improve lead generation segments. 

Drip CRM Pricing

You can start your Drip CRM journey with a FREE trial, but as you begin to add more people to your list, the price will take the lead, and then the pricing starts at around $19/Month.

You can later add Email and SMS support at an essential cost.

Metrilo CRM

Metrilo is a renowned customer relationship management tool specifically designed for WooCommerce.

It includes many features such as an email marketing tool, customer retention, marketing analytics, a smart reporting dashboard, a store performance table, and more.   

Apart from all the tools mentioned above, Metrilo comes with a setup wizard, allowing users to set up their store in less than 15 minutes, which is incredible for any WooCommerce CRM.

Metrilo CRM Pricing

The introductory Metrilo CRM pricing starts at $119/Month, which later can be upgraded to the “Pro” package at $199/Month.

The “Premium” package costs $29/Month, with access to everything in Pro and email marketing. All plans allow you to add unlimited team members.

Find your best WooCommerce CRM:

In an ever-evolving technology and rapidly growing marketing, choosing the best WooCommerce CRM tools is certainly a daunting task. It all depends on your business size, budget and requirements.

All the above listed WooCommerce CRM have excellent features and functionalities which can help you leverage your business to the next level without much hassle.

Also, all the above WooCommerce CRM pricing is well under budget, including the features offerings. Moreover, if you seek professional assistance to pick the best WooCommerce CRM tools for your business, then enrich Metizsoft Solutions for sheer guidance and support. 

Everything You Need To Know About These Best WooCommerce CRM Tools in 2022!

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